LaserCut - 3D puzzle dragon

by jtronics Jun 8, 2012
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Hi! I really like your puzzle! I was wondering if you had any instructions for it or know where I could find some?

You can tell me about your software for draw draw like that?


Why the DXF file i can convert it in 3D to print the parts on a 3D printer.
I'll do it as soon as possible

could you create for printer 3D please

thank you

I cut and pieced most of it together just looking at the pics. All i have left are the rounded scales... 4 different sizes of them... I have a strategy I'm working out.

which laser cutter can you reccomend ?

Great job! Looks fantastic!

What software did you use to make this?

Does anyone have instructions for this dragon? Please post them if you do. thanks!

How do you put this thing together i need help someone please email me at [email protected]? with some answers! haha

Hi, can you please help me scale this dragon into a 3mm thickness template and share with us through a pdf or a cdr format file.
As 1mm thickness is way too thin. Thanks.

do you have instructions i cant do it

Hi, am new here and i would like to cut this dragon on a 3mm acrylic using a cnc router. Please could you help guide me on how to scale it?? What software do i use and how do i make sure the slots match what ever material thickness i use? Thanks for your time.