HTC Vive Gun Stock (magnetic, adjustable, easy print)

by Bogdan87 Jul 28, 2017
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Hey! I don't own a 3-d printer myself, but the school I attend does. I was going to have them make one fore me, but they need an estimate for the weight of the project. I have no idea how to calculate this or figure it out. Any suggestions?

This is a pretty late reply, but they probably mean the weight of material that will be used in printing the project.You find this by downloading cura, then setting the machine settings to match your schools printer, then import the various parts. It'll give you (in the bottom right iirc) the total estimated amount for the objects currently in the program (and within the build area).

I'll be using the mounts for 12mm x 3mm magnets. The 4 variety.

Actually No special twist lock magnets would be needed if the two parts that mate together have small notches that fit into each other

If you look at the list of files, you'll notice that there are variants for regular magnets (not the twist release ones) that do in fact come with "notches" and "bumps"

Just a question, isn't the stock placement really low? Shouldn't it be closer to inline with the tops of the controllers?

I think it might be matter of preference... You can see that on CAD drawings I had one rail piece after the "elbow" before attaching the stock, but ultimately I actually used 2 rail pieces, which caused the stock to sit even lower, as I found it more comfortable.

You can try both ways, hope one of those configurations works well for you :)

I tend to be very rough on my stock when I'm really into the VR experience, I broke the first one I printed. I saw this as a potential replacement, but it's not going to do it for me without stronger magnets.

I only printed out the parts that magnetically hold the controllers to the stock, but I can already tell that the magnets suggested by the creator are nowhere near as powerful as I'd like. This part deserves magnets at least 5-10X more powerful than the ones used here.

made this with little to no problems after owning my printer for only 2 days. Amazing job, easy to print and great learning tool. The plus side is I can enjoy my vive even more now!

One huge suggestion, DON'T glue all the magnets in with the same polarity facing up. If you do that you may have more trouble than necessary attaching the controllers to the stock.
I just flipped over one of the magnets on each of the four pieces and now it's much easier to get them lined up since I can feel some repulsion when it's not quite right.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by not gluing all the magnets with the same polarity up? Are you suggesting purposely putting one magnet incorrectly? A north with a north?

No, everything will still attract to the correct corresponding magnet as long as it's lined up correctly but will repel if lined up incorrectly. Instead of every magnet oriented with the same pole facing up, flip the "middle" magnet (could be the front most or rear most, depends on how you assemble the stock) on all four pieces (both controllers and both stock pieces). Does that make more sense?

That's a great hint! Having all polarities same can actually lead to magnets snapping in place being only partially aligned.
One thing I'd add to that is to make sure that polarities between both controllers are same, so that they can be swapped easily (for some reason SteamVR sometimes mixes my left and right controllers, so that seems to be handy fallback :) ).

do you have the model for the parts using only two magnets each like in your photos somewhere? Much appreciated!

Hey monkimonkimonk,
To be honest, I'd strongly recommend using the version with 3 magnets, as I found the one with just 2 slightly inconvenient to use - controllers come loose too easily during fast movement.
With 3 magnets it feels better, gives you more confidence in the grip, and is still easy to quickly remove for reload, or to throw a grenade.

This is a great Model, im also planing on buying myself a 3d Printer and i want to build this.

May i ask how long you had to print for all the parts to use them with your vive?

if i throw them into Cura and select the printer i would consider buying (prusa mk2) it shows to print part every by its own would take about 26hours total.

Can it really take this long or did i do something wrong?

Each part took me about 2-3 hours each with the MP Select Mini V1. The controller mounts (lower, upper, top w/magnets) were printed 2 at a time.

Hey DonFale,

While I don't remember the exact times (I'd have to check the estimates in Cura for my settings, but I don't have access to my machine I use for 3D printing now...), the estimate you're seeing doesn't really sound that far off from how long I'd expect it to take.

This may be a bit discouraging at first (especially just after you get our first 3D printer and just want to start printing all the things! :) ), but unfortunately is the reality of current 3D printing technology. What helps me cope with that is having a Printoid server running on Raspberry Pi connected to my printer, along with a camera to monitor the progress remotely (check out my design for the camera holder for MP Select mini: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2267182 :) ).

I think it generally took about 2 hours pretty much for every part (including 3 pieces per Vive controler, and then rails and stock). There are 13 parts in total you'll have (please refer to the description) which nicely all adds up to exactly 26 hours :)

I printed it out with layer height of 0.2625mm to speed it up a bit (and it didn't seem to lack detail or become less sturdy).

Hope that helps! :)

Raspberry Pi Camera Mount for MP Select Mini

Thank you very much for your answer, its really encouraging me to get support from the creator of the file i want to print :)

I only have one little Problem because of the screws. Would it be possible to tell me which diameter they have so that i can order accordingly.

Problem is im from the EU(metric) and our screw sizes are labeled different like M3, M4 and so on. it would be great if you could provide me with the measurements of the screws so i dont get the wrong size.

Thank you in advance :)

Hey DonFale,

Here are the measurements for the screws I used:

  • screw + nut, #8-32 x 1-1/2 in - quantity: 4
    In metric system - screw diameter: 4mm, length: 38mm,
  • screw + nut, #8-32 x 1-1/4 in - quantity: 6
    In metric system - screw diameter: 4mm, length: 32mm,

And for the hexagonal nuts, the dimensions are: 9.4mm width between flat sides, 10.5mm between outermost points.

If you can't find these exact dimensions, the screw lengths can be greater than the above measurements (but smaller ones will be too short), and for nuts the above dimensions are maximum sizes that will fit in the pockets in 3D model (so you could also use smaller ones, but not bigger).

Hope that helps! :)

I tried to custom the nut & bolt project from this site to fit with yours, didn't printed yet but I'll try this evening (edit: got printed, I changed some parameters, nut was wrong diameter, head of bolts changed since I haven't printed controllers parts and I think they need a smaller head) :
https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3381856 - 4mmx32mm (M4 - #8-32 x 1-1/4 in) (edited - improved : now works great)
https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3381807 - 4mmx38mm (M4 - #8-32 x 1-1/2 in) (edited - improved : now works great)
https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3381022 - Nut (edited - tested : perfect fit with M4 bolt !)

Printed slowly (30mm/s), 100% fill, with brim, and 1.5mm height/layer

4mmx32mm (M4 - #8-32 x 1-1/4 in) - SLOT
by Drawixe
4mmx38mm (M4 - #8-32 x 1-1/2 in) - SLOT
by Drawixe
M4 nut (8.3 / 4.7)
by Drawixe

How did those work for you?

Thank you!

Screws are ordered now i just need to wait for my mk3 :D

Prints on the MINI!!!
OMG, I Love You! haha.
This is going to be my next print!

EDIT: Printed it!! Fantastic

Looking very nice! I will try to build one. Thank you a lot for sharing with us!

Do you have the file for the mounts using the larger 18x3mm magnets ?

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Nice design and thanks for posting all the files! I'm probably going to steal a few of the parts to make an "under handle" barrel one as I've been reading that with the top mount style like this you tend to get a bit of drift in Onward.

What did you model in? Is it possible to get the original CAD files?

Interesting idea with the "under handle". The rail can be easily re-used, and the mount could be modified to fit on top of the rail and attach to the wand. I'm just not sure about the latching mechanism, that would allow for quick detaching (semi-permanent element attached to the wand, and then magnets glued to it + magnets in the mount? But it shouldn't be too bulky in order to still be comfortable).

I designed it in Fusion 360, please message me and I'll share the files (need to export them first and it's a bit late now ;) ).

I'm also dealing with the same thing. Figuring out how to have a quick release latch for the foregrip vive controller is tough. Both of my controllers are under handle, however the main handle is stationary and slides in from the top with a hinged cover (sort of like a belt fed machine gun)