Command and Conquer - GDI Juggernaut

by apievuist Jul 28, 2017
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I've been looking at building this for about 6 months, and each time I consider starting I stop because I want it to be real. I want to add servos and motors with an arduino into the upper part (I can live with it not walking automatically) but if I could control the cannons... I would go nuts haha.

I absolutely love the work on this, I love the detail, and I love C&C3. I also love your Mammoth MkII which I also want to turn into an RC tank hehe.

Have you considered hollowing out any of the internals for little cosmetics such as a speaker (to play voice lines haha) or LED's or as I said motors and such?

I know how difficult and time consuming that would be, just curious if you've thought of it.

Keep up the AMAZING work. My friends all love this too. They've asked me to print them Juggernauts of their own. I told them to get 3d printers...

This is really cool, but where is the cockpit? It's the one piece missing D:

i just happend to see this model just after finished upload my own GDI Juggernaut which i just modified from actuall game model. so i just automatically compareing this and my own.. nice work by the way.

as i finished my own i think about what i will make next one which will be GDI unit such Titan form CNC 3 KW or other.,,

I looked at your model and it is very well made. At some points even more detail than my model, good game :)

Can you please also upload versions of the files not cut in half? My printer has awful warping issues, and I don't want to use glue at all :) THANKS!

I think you are talking about the turret part, this is the only piece i have cut.
I can upload a joined file, but i dont think it will be printable. Are these the two pieces you are referring to?

Thnx m8! I love your series, i hope the will be more soon.

I have downloaded the files, in a couple of hours my printer will be printer the first parts of the great series.

Keep up the good work !

Thx! Comments like these keep me motivated to make more of these units :)