Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

K1-Rap Printer

by Entropy85 Jun 8, 2012
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Fabulous design, I might retire my non working Prusa (Polulus blown up) and make this instead with the parts, I might then make another Prusa.

Just a quick question, DKennels printer had all the motors at the bottom. Why have you put them at the top? (for Z of course) or is this just to keep the Prusa bits?

I put the Z motors up top because it was just easier to get them out of the way. The Y motor is mounted right next to the vertical Z axis so it would be in the way of the second Z. With that in mind, this design doesnt need 2 Z motors. I only include them because I plan on adding a second extruder to it and I wanted to keep the Z speeds high. If interested, I can put together a quick single Z version. Then you can mount the Z on the bottom.

Missed that somehow. Very funny! :-D

why use nema 14 for x axis, cant use 17

You could use a '17 but then the y axis is moving a lot of mass around. Increasing the mass will decrease possible printing speeds

Hahahahaha the Krap Printer. Unintentional but fun ;) Looks like a good design too!

the name could use some work, I wouldn't want to call my printer crap... :)

Missed that somehow. Very funny! :-D

I thought the same thing....sorry Entropy! Looks cool though... DONT_KNOW

Which is why it's K-Rap, not crap.

Great to see how you plans worked out. I like you combination of extrusions and smooth rods/linear bearings. Also appreciate the documentation on your blog. I may try this approach on the little mill I am making if the printed slides aren't up to the stress of milling. Very nice work

I tried to get those slides to work with ABS but it wasn't happening. ABS was just too soft and they kept sticking, even with the hybrid bearing design. What bracing do you have between your Y and Vertical Z axes?

I just used three Misumi blind screws. which made my Z very rigid. Of course, my z axis is much shorter.