Raise3D Filament Runout Sensor

by Firesped Jul 28, 2017
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whats the behaviour when the filament runs out? does the printer pause the print?

what software modifications are needed?

software: you need a raisepack install that support the filament runout. You also need one of the firmwares that support it as well.
firmware there are serveral options.
There is the option from raise3d which is based on 1.1.6-rev1 (I dubbed 1.1.6-rev2). This is based on the official marlin 1.0.6 firmware.
there is my 1.1.7 which is 1.1.6-rev2 with the thermal runaway code fixed properly and adds some functionality to control the lack of filament code raise added.
then there is my 1.2.2 firmware which is based on official marlin firmware version 1.1.0.

I do know that the firmwares will send the expected code but I have no simulated a print filament runout so I don't actually know what it does specifically.

Looks good - how do you connect it to the motion board??

extruder 0 is wired into Y+ endstop.
extruder 1 is wired into Z+ endstop

What type of connector is used to connect the endstop to the board?

I believe it is a 2.54mm JST-XHP 2 pin male. you can buy boxes on Amazon that have all different sizes for around $10.

I added the information for the cable to the description.