Articulated Shark

by nihill Jul 29, 2017
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Great design--thx.
I printed a couple of them on a MonoPrice Mini. Had Cura rotate it so it was 45° across the bed, reduced to 98% scale for fit.
Only problem is the tail doesn't articulate, and there's a weak spot just beyond the tail "hinge" that breaks off if you do try to articulate the tail.

Also, not related to this drawing specifically-- Cura's first and last layers seem sloppy compared to Slic3r. I've only found 2 options in Cura (rectilinear and concentric) while Slic3R has 4 or 5. Am I missing something in Cura?

(I'm using a raft because it seems to compensate for non-level bed, and it seems to help adhesion.)

I just sliced this up in Cura 3.1. It LOOKS like it does it correctly, but if you look at layer view there are pieces missing. Like most of the lower fin, top of the tail, most of the dorsal fin, and those parts do not print. Meshmixer cannot repair all of the non-manifold edges.

Meshmixer finds non-manifold errors in all of the places that Simplify3D does not slice. But it can't fix them, neither can Simplify3D, meshfix or Trinkle. Weird. I gave up after that.
Cura 2.6.2 has no problem with the file though.

Thank you for resolving the issue, be great to see the finished print

Added a remix of it with the fixes in place for anyone who wants to use simplify3d to slice it.

I was able to fix this with the windows 10 3d builder app, told it to print and it asked about repairing it. Simplify3d shows the part in it entirety, I will be trying it out tonight when I get home.

won't slice in Simplify3D ... the fins don't turn out ....

I haven't got simplify3D but i am very surprised, i use cura to slice it and haven't had an issue so far. So what happens to the fins? Can you send a screenshot?

not sure how to send a screenshot ...

see if you can get it from this dropbox link:

That is very odd, i can see what it has done but cannot understand how, the stl file should not see the cuts, i will see if i can do anything with the model but won't be until next weekend

No worries. Thanks mate!