Raspberry Pi Star Guider with Offset Adjustment Platform

by christou Jul 29, 2017
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What autoguider did you end up using?

For me lin_guider (or anything using v4l2) is having trouble getting enough light. Even though using the raspi-still and similar it seems to be easily visible.

I'm using PHD2 since I use bluetooth for guiding signal to the EQ mount.
Same here I can only spot a few of the brightest star using a 75mm f/2.0 lens. If you are using INDI, you can try to lower the FPS down to 5fps. It can help to force the INDI library to exposure longer.

Yeah, OK, slightly off topic to Thingiverse, but I have to ask:

That's one heck of a mount, what optic is on it at the moment?

The one shown on the photo is a full manual zoom lens with 5-100mm focal length and f/1.8-4 I supposed. The image circle is only 1/3" so it should fit on the RPI sensors. It should be easy to find it on eBay.

Hello, I really liked your design, I Will try to make for a pi 3 with a 1.3 camera (I might buy a 2.1 camera or NO IR camera if is better?) to an old Meade ETX 70 (350x70), then with this optics that you are saying and i can see on the photograph (5-100 f1.8), is posible to see and follow the stars ?

kind regards

definitely the 2.1 camera is more flexible since it can goes up to 10 second exposure. However that 5-100 f1.8 scope can barely guide stars ~2mag. I will suggest you to get a lens with larger aperture.

Hello, thanks for answering, I had chosen that optics because I saw it here in the photographs, and it was cheap, but I can't locate any with a larger aperture, could you tell me where to find it or what should I look for?

kind regards and thank you!

there is a Kowa 75mm f/2.5 but cost lot more.
beware that 5-100 f/1.8 is not a fixed aperture lens, i think it goes down to f/4 at 50mm

Sorry, I wasn't clear: Not the optic on the Pi itself...

The mount you are guiding, the Takahashi EM-11, is one BIG NICE mount. What BIG NICE scope do you have on that mount? :)

sorry for my bad English :D
The main scope is also the Takahashi FSQ-85ED

Very, Very, Very, nice. I am jealous, a bit. Interesting specifications, in terms of focal length and FOV. And ED glass. Nice, Nice, Nice. Anyway, like I said, a bit off topic to Thingiverse.

Thank you for the answer.