Stacking Planter Pods, a new concept in vertical, nesting herb and flower gardens - UPDATED to Version 2

by Anenome Jul 30, 2017
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Question: Is it possible to get the parts a bit bigger in one dimension? I want all parts between 4 and 5 times higher (about 8in), but not larger in depth and width. I can of course scale the models up in only the Z dimension in my slicer, but then the holes also gets elongated, also the "prongs", and that is just not necessary.

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Does the position of the models in the .STL files also correspond to the recommended print position?

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they print fine as is, needing only support from the heatbed. If the angles were reduced to 45 then no supports would be needed at all. Some cleanup could be done on the feet pipes, but not really necessary as you don't see that unless they're hanging which would render the feet useless anyway....

Well, then I try to print as soon as my MK2.5 runs again.

No. I used Solidworks to build these, and it's not really designed for 3d printing, so some manipulation in your slicer is required to get it ready to print. One thing in particular is the coordinate systems are different, so what looks upright to me when designing the part comes out sideways in Thingiverse's file system.

You should choose the appropriate scale and orientation of the part for printing.

Hello! nice desing!
I have the some problem whith Cura and KisSlicer ... the model is just 1cm of size

I used an inch format to make these, likely your slicer is interpreting 1 unit as 1 mm or something like that. Just resize it to fit your desired size.

I have the same problem with Slic3r. I have to increase the model 4200% to fill the printing bed of my Prusa I3 MK2S.

If I watch the last two parts I doubt that the hole is on a bad position, so that water will drip out the lower bowl ... hope this ist just a screening error, otherwhise this items are totally useless ...

If you mean holes in the base, I think there are holes in that base.

But that base must drain water to somewhere, so this should not really be an issue.

The internal hole has a drain path all the way down the will avoid the holes in the base.

The first version had the holes in a bad position. Water could not drain.

I updated the models later. The second version has the holes in a good position, water can drain.

However I did not take pictures of the second version. So the pictures are bad, but the models are good.

If you look at the models you will see the holes are in a good position. It can drain water.

Hope that helps.

May someone help me ? i´m not able to print the stack pot, i tried to print it in the original position, it means as is shown in the picture, with the mouth up but it always take off from the bed, i,m not sure if it is the best position to print it because the amount of the piece that supports in the bed is really narrow.

Is it correct, or there is another position more suitable to print the satck pot?

Thanks and congrats for the design

use a skirt or brim or raft to help adhesion to the bed

I would suggest using an orientation that makes sense to you, not how the file comes out initially, which is due to file format differences when I saved it in another format.

What size should this be printed?

I suppose it depends on the size of your print bed and what you like. It can be scaled up or down as you like with the printing software. As they are now, they're less than 4" in any direction. Should work just as well scaled up or down.

Thanks! And do you recommend building supports?

current angles exceed 45 degrees so support is almost certainly needed

I think you cooould print this without supports, there's no real horizontal overhangs, lots of curves. Dunno, use your judgment!

Looks great - been waiting for something like this.

Stupid question... if I wanted to have the tower in your 1st photo (4 levels), which stl files (and how many) would I need to print


To duplicate that photo, print three feet, nine stacker-pods, and three headers.

And please let me know how the print turns out! Especially interested to know if you think the teeth fit together tightly enough or are too loose.

Perfect - thanks - I will try set up some prints over the next few days / weekend, and let you know how I get on.

And if you produce a print that isn't perfectly waterproof, you can get some Elmer's wood glue and paint it onto the sides of to make them waterproof. Let it dry, of course.

Got the glue ready.. Have used this previously on other prints (https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0001YS16U/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1)

So, I am printing the Stacker pods at the moment and have tried a 75% and 100% print, both a 0.3mm in PLA.

  • 75% size seemed to be OK - however there is a little gap between some of the lines
  • 100% size one also printed OK, but again the gaps between the times (especially where the curves are) seems greater. This could be due to the layer heights or the infill percentage (I was at 0%)

I am now printing at 80% in 0.2mm (and 10% infill)

Notes so far:

  • I felt that the 100% size was too big - it also seemed to use allot of filament (the walls are quite thick)
  • When printing the Stacker pots upright (with the gap at the top), the bottom part does not seem to print cleanly (where is prints the groove - it prints the 2/3rd layer in mid-air). I have tried different positioning/supports, but no progress. I don't think it is major, but will keep trying.
  • I have not found the best positioning / support configuration yet.

How did the print go? Really curious to see it :)

What wall-size would you like to see for this part, say .050" (1.25mm)? Half what it is now? I'm a bit worried about the strength depending on what material it's being printed in, but that's an easy value for me to change if people would like a thinner-wall version. But you could also do some kind of minor infill like you say, 10% or so.