Boat Tiles Remix with OpenLock connectors

by Haratu Jul 31, 2017
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Am I doing something wrong? The tiles don't seem to fit with the clips at all

I just printed them and they look great but won't fit the clips into them

EDIT: disregard, I got it. Have to break off the little front supports

Are your tiles interchangeable with the original ones from ProfessorChubs? Can I mix and match them? Because it looks like you are missing the one with the ladder in your file set even though your picture has it. Will the clips from yours work with his and vice versa?

They are the same size, just with a different base.

I mean can I use the original clips with your remix and the open lock clips interchangeably? Because I want to print a bunch of the original stuff to go along with yours and still be able to snap them all together.

Can we get the mid mast file? The mast file in your second picture

I second this! Also, how do you go about attaching the railing on the rear end of the boat in the first picture?

I think that is a Boat_Tile_14_Halfdeck along the back, and the back corners are the Boat_Tile_17_Small_Stern.

I have a 2x2 mast piece I remixed if you are interested

I don't believe that it is tile number 14. If you use the files provided, you get something like the picture I've attached. In which I am using tile 14.

I think it's an end piece that clips in like tile 4 in the original design by ProfessorChubbs.

But yes I would happily accept the 2x2 mast piece since you are offering :)

So mine looks very similar, I didn't like that the back section decking was going the wrong way so I remixed it and extended it to a 2x2. the length is off by maybe 1mm, but it still looks ok.

I'll give yours a try. Thanks a lot, man!

I can't believe I forgot to comment on this when it came out! I love what you've done with my models; it looks so much tighter and cleaner. I finally finished the upper deck segments; if you want to work your magic with them, be my guest.

I will have to look at them.
I am very busy right now with work so likely will not do anything for some time.

This set is great! Thanks ProfessorChubbs for the original design and Haratu I can't wait for you to mod the raised pieces for OpenLock compatibility. I am getting into OpenLock scenery and I would LOVE to expand my options for ship-to-ship combat in my D&D game.

Many Thanks ! You should keep converting this and maybe try to add cabins etc as it works really well. I will post some prints once I have enough to make a ship ! :)

Is their flies missing for the upper decks /castels because i couldn't find any and that's definitely a thing that should be in here

I have added the file for the open deck

Hi , still awaiting open deck and sharp corners conversion . Any chance ? Thanks these look really good

sorry, added open deck now.

Echoing eboaen, looks like the open deck isn't included in the files.

i think it is on my other computer, i will add it when i can

It appears there are some files missing from your conversion, any chance you will finish it out?


I only added the files I altered, for masts and so forth you can go to the original

i like to place credit where credit is due :)

Helm was missing a layer as well as difficult to print, so I split the helm and made an independent object. This will also allow it to be positioned anywhere the user requires.

there was an error with the hatch/grate missing a layer. That has now been fixed