Arduino Mini Pro Holder and Wire Manager

by Gronkle Jun 11, 2012
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the upper*.stl doesn't seem to open in repg for me. you might consider uploading just the stl file as thingiverse does a nice job presenting them.

also, i don't see a lower file. any chance you could upload that as well?

thanks, matt

Done...let me know how it turns out. You may want to mess with with the settings for the gcode.

Can't help but wonder what's the point of a large case for arduino mini that makes it the same size as diecimila? Just get the bigger arduino and cable management will be easier?

It does make it look pretty cool though.

I can definitely see why you would think that...initially what I had to do was mount the Mini with a reset button tube and organize the board in a more formal device. Next version has to incorporate the stuff not on the Mini that has to go on an electronics board like capacitors, relays, resistors, etc (wait til you see what that thing is driving) - hence the point of the stacking design.

Eventually additional, optional stacks will be added for a battery layer, a board layer, and a user interface layer (switches and indicators). I also wanted to make something that looked nice without a protoyping box.

This is really cool. I like the clean wiring layout and modular approach. The final product looks great, Id be proud of someone tore under the hood and saw that. I wish there was a version for the arduino decimillia. I have a ton of them laying around. Much appriciated.

When I get a chance, I will take a look at the decimillia and other boards. The basic stacked-by-function thing would work there too.