Geneva Mechanism

by xlRadioActivelx Aug 1, 2017
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I apologize in advance if I’m doing this wrong but I am looking to hire some on to make an small mechanism for me where do I make a post to contact someone or find out who can make and print a design for me

If your looking for a large scale job you could take a look at 3D hubs, or maybe xyzprint if you’re looking for an individual maker. I’d be happy to take a look at what you’d like printed and see what the best option would be for you.

Ok thank u very much is there a different way we can contact one another because I just found this service page I didn’t even remember the name of it and I would like for this to be done ASAP & the design I need made is just a small scale for now maybe 3 designs at the most and they will all be very simple & easily fit in someone’s palm


Might help if a clue was given as to whatinhell this thing does?

Well this model is just a demonstration, the main gear turns intermittently rather than continuously, this has various applications but has mostly been outdated by far more efficient and robust electrical motors (steppers and servos) for more info I would highly recommend this video: https://youtu.be/Le-PVXUCl0M

Thanks, but I think my question was more general and lower level. Basically -- what is a Geneva Mechanism? What does it do? Why might i print one?

No criticism intended, I just thought the posted design was assuming a lot of foreknowledge by the reading public.

I see your point, I’ll add some info to the description for anyone who’s curious about it.

Take a look at the 3D renders for the sides, when I printed this it appears that it is almost as if I got 2 right sides so to speak. All I am saying is that the renders do not match what you have on your print bed. It still works but one of the sides goes on flipped so it doesn't look that good.

did you copy makers muse?

Yes as it says in the description, this was designed by makers muse, I modified it slightly to not require hardware to function, with his permission I uploaded the modified version.

The gear wheel must be printed horizontally to produce strength for the pin as opposed to the picture
My print better rotating in one direction than the other I do not know why