Nozzle Fan 60mm Prusa i3 MK2S Upgrade

by Crunch3D Aug 1, 2017
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I am not an engineer, but o you think that flow of air because of the 90 degree angle change will suffer?
it is a way to see if the design is better than other (not only dB drop because of the fan itself)
Maybe to see the flow of air?

Thanks for sharing. The fit was perfect. The only downside is that it doesn't blow air out the bottom as much as the stock fan. I really wanted to make this work but there's too much air bouncing back out. I compared it back to back and you can feel the difference underneath.

However the Noctua was much quieter and I can see it working for prints that don't require a lot of cooling.

Does this fit with the replacement Noctua fan on the hot end?

Yes it fits. I have the Noctua fan mod too.

What do you mean with fit ? It is a separate part.

What did you do with the yellow cable that goes to the Noctua fan?


the yellow calbe sensor feedback i believe but you can check the documentation on the website before cutting it.

Yes, but the original fan only has two cables and the Noctua has three (yellow one being the extra). Did you just leave the yellow disconnected?

I did cut it neat the fan. But be sure to cut the right one. Yes i did only solder plus and minus wires.

The more I look at my left 40mm fan adapter, the more I realize that it probably won't fit beside this one. Can you link to the design you've printed that works for you?

Where can I find this extruder indicator you've put on the motor ??

It was a polish site with an article about 3d printing. Sorry do not remeber anymore but if you hit me up with your email i will send you the stl file :-)

This is the third 60mm fan shroud I have printed and this one will be the last. Excellent work!

Glad you like it :-)

Amazing! This is exactly what I've been looking for! Would it be possible for you to remix/rework it to improve the cooling for overhangs in PLA by doing something to cool more than one side of the nozzle?


As my design does not replace the lower part of the nozzle it is possible that other nozzle designs on thingiverse do fit.

Please feel free to try some and report back :-)

Ah! Of course :) Hm. I'd really like to combine this with this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2187113 but my design skills are, well, crap :(

Original Prusa i3 MK2 Alternate Part Cooling Nozzle
by Cova

Crunch3D, I sent pm to you, related to this thing!

Hello ! interesting design, have you noticed any difference between the stock and this one? already runing noctua on the smaller one and i have the 60mm reeady to do the change just wantes to get some feedback from somebody using it already, would you recommend it ?

Hello mrojod,

Well it makes it even more quieter than with the stock fan. I did not notice any downsides like not cooling enough or so. Its just quietly doing its job.

It reduces the noise of the nozzle fan to zero. :-)

I can recommend it if you want to make the printer as silent as possible. With my other measures i got it down from 75db to 20-30db.

im already using the other desing you linked in here but im not sure is really improving the print quality, noise is alot lower but i already have all other modifications for the noise reduction such as igus bearings on every axis ( most effective mod for noise reduction) noise dampers por rods, noise dampers for all steppers, noctua fan for hotend, so it was already pretty silent but still can notice is airflow restrictive, im gonna try your design and see how it goes, i wish i could make it more stylish in fusion360 but im still a beginner, thanks for sharing

Well i did notice NO drop in print quality with NGEN at least. The layer adhesion is even better i believe.

What type of noise dampeners for the rods do you use ?

What dampener did you use on the extruder motor ? Does it make much difference ?
Thanks :-)