C-Clamp / G-Clamp 01 - 03

by lichtzeichenanlage Aug 1, 2017
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Thank you for the quick reply. I will download and print today. Real NICE job! I wish I could Make things. I can only print right now what I DL.

I have to say what you did with this little clamp was not easy. It is better than the one you based this from. Not easy to do. The other one is good for alot of jobs. Yours will do more and much stronger.

There are 3 mods that I wish you would consider,

  1. Make the 4 retainers on the SHOE part of the clamp 3 or 4 times thicker. ( I only use PETG, They break off easy on the assembly.)
  2. The groove that goes from the top almost to the bottom need to go all the way to the bottom. That will stop the clap from opening when tightened. only the bottom separates when tight. The rest is sturdy.
  3. Make an OPENSCAD file so your people may choose how long, thick, wide the clamp will print.

Other than that you have the best CLAMP I have printed so far this year. I will be using yours more than any other. It is just fine with me if you hate me and those ideas.
I am looking to hear what you think of these ideas.
Happy printing

Regard your 3rd point: If I want to support OpenScad I would have to remodel everything in a different software. Unless everyone can change the dimensions in Fusion 360, I don't want to go this way, because I don't want to invest time in a 2nd software platform.

Hate because of constructive criticism or suggestions? Internet is a funny land ;-) Not hate from me.

  1. I wasn't totally happy with the retainers, too. But it worked for my use case and so I uploaded it. I added to additional versions of the clamp (C-Clamp 02 (yellow "C") and C-Clamp 03 (blue "C")) and both do have thicker retainers (about 3 times). I haven't printed them yet because my printer is busy. But unless gaps are the same and the fit wasn't super tight it should work just fine.

  2. I totally agree with you that a groove at the lower part of the "C" is more than reasonable. I needed a small clamp so I wasn't willing to add a full depth cut out because it would collide with the threads in the "C". C-Clamp 02 (yellow) does have a cut out with half of the depth. C-Clamp 03 (blue) has a full depth cut out, but the clamp gained slightly depth.

3.I have to check if I can generate OPENSCAD files (or to be even more honest what OPENSCAD files are). However I've initially added the *.f3d file. This is the file format from Autocad Fusion 360 (https://goo.gl/D2yRtE). From my understanding is the software free for hobbyist (https://goo.gl/CpoZqn). Fusion 360 is a parameter driven CAD software and I've create variables for the most reasonable dimensions so people can change dimensions easily. For the other parts they can just amend the sketches. But I will try to learn more about OPENSCAD