Modified RepRapPro Huxley Extruder

by AndrewCraigie Jun 9, 2012
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i have printed it but the motor dosen't fit anyway :( (apologise my english i'm italian)

Nice design and documentation.

One of the first things I did when I got the printer working and stable was to print both of the extruder drive gears.

At Bath I initially had a large gear which had variable resistance during rotation from what I considerd acceptable to really rather extreme. I tried filing the teeth but after a
while realised there would be no outer extrusion left to correct the error. It was so bad I was concerned that the bearing on the stepper motor would suffer! I was offered and accepter an alternate that was somewhat better but to my mind still 'poor'.

With two 'original parts' and two of my own cr
eation to work with, on inspection of the original and the replacements, I noticed that the 'originals' are significantly eccentric and tapered. I am attributing this to the fact they were probably printed as part of the Huxley print set 'huxley-tray-3.stl'. In this set the gear is at the edge of th
e tabel print zone. I wonder if this meant the shrinkage of the material was impacting on the geometry of the gear. I printed mine one at a time in the centre of the table.

My replacement parts are low noise (I think) and have little if any backlash, I lookforward to having a got at this beastie wh
en I have filled my backlog of other 'stuff' the kids want to print and my projects.

Great piece of work and a very nice description of the process. I hope it gives you good service.

The herringbone gears I'm currently using on my Mendel90 were printed on the eMaker Huxley and didn't need any clean-up at all, so I agree with you about having a well tuned printer before printing them. Interestingly, over the last few weeks the teeth have accumulated a sort of white dust in the valleys, which I assume is where the rough edges have worn off the faces of the teeth allowing them to mesh better.

And they are beautifully quiet!

About time it had a major overhaul. Just the filament guide mod to include?

Dab of Vaseline ( Petroleum Jelly) on the gears gives a little lubrication and no more dust. After 5Kg+ they look a little polished. So will print one of these as the replacement.