80's Car to Robot transformer with hubcap

by SlightlyAbnormal Aug 1, 2017
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'Please, sir, I want some more.'

That is so cool! Thanks for sharing it.

Very, very, very, did I say "very"? VERY! weak brackets on foot parts! Except this you have to own a very good calibrated printer, 'cause you will have a lot of afterprint work.
Conclusion: model is great, but VERY weak, not recommended for making.

On my Flashforge Inventor, using Inland PLA, printed at .15 the only clean up of any kind I had to do was to pull the support off the arm swivel with my fingers. The foot brackets interlock into the hood section and when not glued I've had no trouble with them. Glued they feel very strong.

Don't understand me wrong, you have made a COLOSSAL work with this model, it's just awesome, but hinge is a really thin part, it asks to be more thick or with some kind of stiffener.
I will try to repeat my experience with it, but I printed 0.1 PLA and those hinges came off right after I gently tried to fit the detail.
Please tell me, you have printed the details in the position of STL files or you turned them flat? I turned them all to the position they will appear when in car mode, so nearly all the details turned 86 degrees. Maybe this caused thin and weak bridges. I can assume that I also have a scrappy 3d printer, but the edges are neat and all other connections are firm.

Thanks for the kind words.
I have not figured out yet how to turn the STLs here so that they are presented in the orientation that I printed them. (pointers? I'd much rather have them shown in the suggested orientation) So unfortunately they are shown as they appeared when uploaded.

In my personal experience if I have to move a part by degrees I almost never end up with it flat on the build plate. I use "place surface on bed" in simplify 3d to make sure the part is flat to the bed. I print all of my parts in the way that I think best deals with the weakness of the z-axis and to minimize supports. For the inside feet on this model I printed them with the flat side and one hook on the bed (support between the two hooks, forgot about that in my earlier reply) so that the Z layers make a complete "C" of the hook. If it were printed in any other orientation, in my opinion, the hook of the inside foot would be very weak.
I used the same philosophy on other parts, most were printed without supports.

did you use measurements from the actual figure?

Rough guesses. My figure is slightly smaller than a real one.

Dear Sir, your project is very excellent! also I create some Transformers pieces very similar at originals but also new my original projects.
However, could you make this at this adress?
You can see how much it cost to sell.. :)))
Thank you