Dagnall Y Extruder M5 Edition

by anthem Aug 3, 2017
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I've got a 5 into 1 manifold block if your interested in multi filament combining manifolds. You don't need any infeed fittings, all built into the print.

Multicolor Filament (5 color) Extruder Feed Block for Bowden Hotend

Nice, I should have made an M5 version!.
How well is it working for you in practice?
Because of the long retracts when I used mine, I started developing the Dag GBE extruder that should hopefully prevent all filament grind.. ?
Also, have you got an optimised extract routine for forming the ends? the one I put on the github still forms fairly long strings, but I am working on it!.

I haven't given it a good test yet, just got it installed last night. But no, I haven't worked out a great string prevention technique yet. Mostly I retract 6 mm quickly (600mm/min) at first, then perform the rest of the retraction (with my old Y that was 110mm) more slowly. Seemed to work fine for me. My big trouble was the filament getting hung up inside the Y splitter where the push fitting screwed in because the internal diameter was too large, and left a small gap before the push fitting. I'm thinking this design will work much better.

The best string free retraction I have seen pushed the tip back into the melt for a very little bit after the fast initial retract.. Trouble was I did this by hand and have not been able to create a precise and repeatable mechanical sequence to get the same effect. I'm hoping that my force measurement system will allow me to eventually measure exactly what's going on so I can write the correct sequence of push pull. For now I'm trying to overcome a print bed levelling issue (I think) that is (again I think) causing warp on large prints.
Re the 6mm fittings.. I usually put a chamfer on the entry to guide the filament in.. ( or the fittings already have a small chamfer) ..
It may be that by chance this is a better smooth entry approach than is possible with the smaller diameter 5mm fittings?