Customizable Flowers from a Happy Box

by shivinteger Aug 4, 2017
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Shit like this shows why "art" is just shit.

One year already... 666 pieces of garbage hindering no matter you search for. 666, like saying "eh, look, I'm cool, I go against the system because I make 666 pieces of crap, like the number of the devil". That's why you, kid, will never get better, or well known. Real AI programmers are working, making domotics, robotics, or assistants. You? You are creating such a "LOTS programming" that makes CRAP, and bothers all the users of Thingiverse.

Thank you, good job

Absolutely agree, thingiverse should delete this guy, who is making thingiverse search disaster.
When i search for useful things, i hit this garbage.

come back, we're waiting...

Thank you for finally going away.

this mashup crap is extremely annoying

I agree. Wish there was a way to report this account.

why Thingiverse won't remove this bot is beyond me. That time a bot invaded Thingiverse and created weird new 3D objects − Ars Technica

What a nice way to waste time.

Your time

This is an Art Program. I doubt anyone reads comments. They do it because they can and because "I AM BATMAN!"

If you really hate it so much ignore it. More info in their about tab

Are you even reading the comments, if you are answer me!

Are you kidding, you got to stop, people are always hating on you cause of you taking other peoples designs and mashing it up into crap like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!