E3D v6 Micro Cooling Fan Duct (4020/5015 Radial Fan)

by graham01 Aug 5, 2017
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Did anyone made a version for the e3d fan upside down ?

The design is great, it's lightweight. But stock 30 mm CR-10 fan is noisy as hell. Wish you had a similar design, but with 40mm front fan mount

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Hi Graham.

Could you tell which software you used to make this? After some basic cad I want get into a more capable program that can do such curved ducts and free form surfaces.
10Q :)

Anyone having odd errors in Simplify3D for this, even after thorough repairs? I've learned over time that S3D sometimes "catches" errors that other slicers don't, more meaning it gets tripped up easier (lol), but I've learned to take responsiblity and try to repair the part myself for S3D. In this case I'm still having trouble with it, and don't think it's a source issue, but wondering if anyone else has had luck printing it on S3D?

The trouble I'm seeing is the top portion of the curved pieces doesn't get loaded correctly into the preview window, so it's not even trying to slice parts of it (I'm missing material/holes in the mesh)

This is one of the few printer parts I have downloaded and have it work exactly as I needed. Yes, the standard E3D shroud rotates a bit, i will fix or replace as needed, but the fan duct is great. For the record using the 4020, right hand version. Tip sent!

Has anyone been able to modify this for a 40mm fan?


i really love this design but i want to use my 40x20 noctua on the hotend as fan, is it possible to make such a version?

Could you please post step files for right hand versions? Thank you! I would like to remix this for 40mm fan.

Great concept! Do you think this can be modded for a volcano hot end?

@WestyDave made an awesome remix of this that fits the volcano.


E3D Volcano 5015 fan shroud

hey Graham. thank you so much for the lovely file! i've just butchered the volcano remix to work with a 40mm hotend fan, and it's printing, so we'll know if it works in 5hours or so. although i'm proud to have managed this much, its a real mess. i know that for someone with skills, it wouldn't be a huge job.
do you think you could make a version for 40x10mm heatsink cooling fans please? its just a matter of widening the mounting area, but your chamfers and contours are just so much nicer than the patchwork i've made.
i'll upload mine for functional purposes since i think many people use 40mm fans these days, but if you find the time i'd be so so grateful!

all the best!

Nice fan shroud, works really well on my tarantula with v6, thanks! I have made a remix to fit it to my volcano hotend.

Really smart design. I'd like to see a variant of this which supports a 40mm hotend fan (there are many solid existing designs for this) + 5015. The 30mm fans are all so noisy!

im trying to look for the dual 4020 partcooler thats at an angle. can you link

wrong place sry

I finally got the correct fans for this setup but I don't quite understand how all this connects together.
I figure that only one screw locks the Heavy Duty E3D v6 Mount in place and it seems to be secure.
But...I had to put a "set screw in the middle of the Cap to hold the hot end in place. Otherwise it just falls out the bottom.
I wonder if this is one of the CR-10's that has different parts than others. I got it from GearBest. It looks the same as in the photos and other sites.

So after "sort of" fixing that problem the, I couldn't see how to connect the 30 x 30 fan and 'fangs' to the E3B mount. Only one screw lines up and if I try to tighten that one too much it stops the fan. This means the "fangs" drag some time as it gets crooked from being so loose.

there are two different pages (one for each of these things) and the photos are different and I don't even see a screw in any of the 30-30 top holes so I just guess that it was held by one screw which is not the best operation since I can't tighten it without the fan screaming or stopping. I even put a couple of nuts as spacers on the M3 to try to keep fan away from whatever it's hitting. That's a lot of mass and weight to hang on one screw.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to get these two 'things' working and installed properly?

Hi, this looks like a very nicely tweaked sideways fan fang! Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

I know many people have asked, but would you share a step file?
To adopt this design for completely different printers, one cannot do without native files...
(even just to compensate for different meltzones and hotends)

which exact fans are you using? is it louder or quiter than then stock fan?

Beautifully designed! Even down to the longer cooling channel getting more airflow than the short. Love when people know how to design for 3D printers to minimize support, it's an art! Thanks so much for sharing.

Love this but the fan shroud is a bit loose causing the fan parts to wobble. Any solution?

Thanks! I put a small piece of masking tape each side on the inside of the blue heatsink mount, this tightens it and also gives it some damping.

Thanks, i'll give that a go :)

How about one with a volcano and also a BLtouch option?

I've remixed it for the volcano

Would also love to see a 40mm fan version, that 30mm fan sounds like a jet engine.

Any chance of making this for use with the stock CR-10 heatsink fan?

Yes please make a 40mm version :) This is the best for CR-10 with your support for E3D-V6 ! Very nice job, thanks very much !

I really like your designs, but i want to use a 40mm fan for the part cooling because the radial fans are so noisy. Can you do that?

Hi would it be possible for you to make a 40mm fan version ?
Not the stock 30mm fan but a 40mm instead


I love your mount and this part fan, but after printing it I realized it was for the regular E3D V6 and doesn't accommodate the Volcano upgrade. Any chance of a version for the Volcano? Thanks, and keep up the great work! So far your models are the best I've seen for the CR-10!

I've remixed for the volcano

Could you also post the .stp files?

I'd like to add a 3d/bl touch addition :)

I don't think that's a good idea, the E3D fan bracket can move around loads since it's only clipped on to the heatsink, surely this would make it useless for any kind of bed leveling sensor? if you are planning to do this for the CR-10, I just released my CR-10 E3D mount and it has generic mounting points for people to make and attach their own bits. The stp files for the generic mating parts are included.

Ya that's mainly what I wanted not really the fan mount :)


Printing this now. Which E3D mount is that?

This mounts directly to the snap on fan that comes with the e3d.

Yes, I understand that, I was wondering about the mount you were using to attach the E3D to the carriage.

That's my own design too, I am going to release it very soon, just need to modify it a bit more.