Creality CR-10 Heatbed Clip

by Clocktimer Aug 6, 2017
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Hello, this is exactly the design I was looking for :)

Could you do it for 2.90mm mirrors ? This is the depth of Ikea mirrors, widely used in Europe. That would probably get the interest of a lot of people !

Works very well for my Home Depot 12x12 mirror at 106% scale, which is what you should start with. PLA - 200C nozzle - 50C bed.

Also for you people without the thumbscrews, PC case fan screws work wonderfully.

This is perfect! But doesn't seem to hold the 12x12 Ikea mirrors.

never use metalscrews on hotbed!!!!

can you make one to put near the wires in the back corner?? also possibly one that goes on the edges as opposed to/along with the ones here that go on the corners.
It would be nice to have a uniform clamp position to be certain that the mirror is completely level.

you should make one with a wire strain relief so we can use it in all 4 corners

The only problem I have with these is that when auto homing, the nozzle hits the edge of the bottom left clip. I've had to file a slot for it.

does any one know what size mirror i would need for the cr-10 mini, "300cm x 220cm thats the length and width btw"

u can make a new home position

Do you have HeatBed clip to use in the middle of the Headbed ?

This is a great design! Can you please make another one for metric screws? Would be nice

What size screw? Maybe post a link to an appropriate thumb screw?

sorry, didn´t see the f3d file. i will make a remix

M6 will work for me, many thanks

I ordered my CR10 in early September, and the glass bed is the exact same size as the aluminum bed, so they don't fit mine.

This is not intended for stock glass. Please read the description of the thing. I am working on one for the stock glass. Stay tuned.

Great design! Can anyone remix these clips to fit the stock glass and bed?

The clips are designed to clamp down on the aluminum bed because the glass mirrors are slightly smaller than the aluminum square. It could be opened up to hold on to both the stock glass and the aluminum bed but I am unsure if it will work. When I get home from traveling I can redesign it and you can try it if you would like.

I get what you mean about the intended purpose. I can definitely test for you, that would be awesome! I gotta learn some Fusion 360.

I was thinking double the height of the area where the aluminum bed fits on the current design while rising the overall height to directly over the glass.

So, if you print on a mirror, you don't need tape anymore?
The tape is a pain.

It depends. I print on bare mirrors for most prints in pla at 60-70c. some things with sharp corners want to curl so you can use a glue stick or a brim. abs I use a glue stick every time. Don't use tape. Tape is garbage.

I've printed these twice now and they just don't seem to fit on my hotbed. =/
First run was 100% scale, next one I bumped up to 102% with no luck. I'm about to print again at 104%. I really like these and want them to work! Don't know why I'm having trouble fitting them, my printer is usually very good about that, I haven't had to upscale anything so far to make it fit.
Great design anyway!

I made the design with exact dimensions. ABS will shrink. In my summary I mention how I scaled up 4-6% to get a very tight fit. If you cant get it to work please let me know. I want it to work for you.