Heavy Duty E3D v6 Mount for Creality CR7 CR8 CR10

by graham01 Aug 6, 2017
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I really liked the way this worked but I had some issues that I remixed out of it. I lowered the screw holes so that the nuts didn't sit so deep, and lowered the secondary hole to require a shorter screws (I didn't have any screws long enough to span the whole distance from the block to the screws and none where listed) inside removed the side adapters and changed the face plate to a flat mount but the idea of using this 3 screw with nut mounting system came out great. So I thank you for making this initial design it was a great help getting a stable mounting system in place for my V6.

Hi Crixe,

your remix looks interesting, where can I find it?

My best regards.

It's here. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3035151 keep in mind it uses https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2473423 for the fans and venting.

Heavy Duty Connector
by Crixe
CR-10 hanging fan/part cooler for stock, Microswiss and E3D v6 hotends

Thank you very much!

Printed this out, swapped my hotend, and installed the e3d with this. But now it won't reach the bed, so I can't print anything, even a fix for it!

Does anyone know how to make the nozzle reach the bed with this mount?

link to the fan holder?

This remix fits together better.

CR-10 Heavy Duty customisable modular e3D V6 mount Volcano 5015 ABL
by chito

Thanks for this fabulous design. Will it also fit the Volcano?

im trying to look for the dual 4020 partcooler thats at an angle. can you links on the part coolers use. this would be very convient

Could you give me a link for the Fang you used?

What/where are the cooling ducts on photos?

Hey @graham01, I love your design, I've been using this (and your fan duct) on my CR-10 for a few days now, and I love it more than a regular fang. My only bit of constructive criticism is the use of M3 screws to attach the collar brace to the gantry bracket. M3 screws in many places cost more than their larger variants, and (atleast in the U.S.) I can't find anyplace that sells M3 screws that are above x20. To combat this issue, I just got a drill out and made the holes 6-32 and used machine screws and bolts. If you're willing, I'd suggest changing the collar screws to M4s.

I know your post is quite old, and you've almost surely figured it out by now, but I figured I'd add this for anyone else who happens upon your post, that live in the US. Literally every ACE Hardware store in the US should have an entire box of M3 screws from I think it was 3mm in length up to 50mm? I just bought like 6 of each size and then a couple dozen M3 nuts and it cost me like $10 for everything. The most expensive one I bought was the M3x40mm and they were like 40 cents each. Just an FYI, I'm sure ACE isn't near everyone I suppose. But they are almost everywhere at least by me in the central US.

Any new updates on this for the 5015 Radial fan & 30mm included genuine E3D v6 fan?

Will you be making a E3d Volcano adaptor for the CR-10? Love the rest of your stuff.

Yeah for the fan duct. A probe mount for the EZABL would be popular as well.

Waiting for the 5015 radial fan version. Hint hint lol

For the fan duct? (Sounds like a silly question lol, but I mean the other 'thing' here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2469775). It's already there anyway as an experimental version, but I recommend you wait a little but since I have updated the design a bit, and I'm waiting for Amazon to deliver my 5015 fan so I can test it out... should be here in an hour or so lol. I'll get back to you when I've tested it and updated the model.

E3D v6 Micro Cooling Fan Duct (4020/5015 Radial Fan)

what is the dual 4020 part coolers you mounted. The ones that are slightly Angled i cant find them. Please link them