T-800 Endoskeleton

by Kerag Aug 6, 2017
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That is an awesome T800 where did you get the original rigged model from?
I see the gun is from Killonious https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2284262
Cheers Jace

Phased Plasma Rifle in the 40 Watt Range (Terminator)

I've made everything my self! If you see something familliar, this is because it was made by the pictures. Check the topology if you have some doubts!

Himm previous comment was flagged for some reason, but yes I did check the topology and it matched perfectly : )

Thats not my gun on the picture. I didnt make small detail as it was ment for painting in my final model and it would loose under the paint anyways. However to be honest when I was starting the project I wanted to use exosceleton from the internet. But wasnt satisfied with any of free available. So I had to do it by my self. If this model contains an old somebodys gun, that means that I've uploaded an old file. But who gives a shit anyways. Im giving out my work for free. Even tough i was making it for over a month

Hey all good, just when I recognised the gun in the model as not being yours I assumed perhaps the endoskelleton wasnt either.
Another freind of mine wants me to 3D print him one and I've stripped it down and seperated it and thats when I relaised the guin was Killonious's. So I merged them togther and they were identical. hence why I asked. I was just making sure I was going to credit the right person for the build ; ) theres a lot of great detailed parts in here. So thanks for this brilliant model on the T800. I may even use some of the leg parts on my full size build I've been working at for the past 3 years, all good Cheers Jace

Not sure abot the legs here. This model was degined for a specific size. If youll use this mesh for a full scale model it will look ... like shit )) because there is not enough polygons

All good, ive spent a few weeks learning how to spruce the odd model up : )
Id make sure I raised the bar on them before printing full size ; )

No drama, its just I'm going to have my mate Pete on becasue he lead me to believe he made it, thats all!

So I've came from work and checked the old backup file...and yeah...it has this gun... and now I remeber... I've found it on some japanese or chinese website...and had to recreate it using only dimentions from the original because it wasnt ment for 3D printing... the entire topology was relinked and remade. That means that your friend..if he posted this gun in here... didn't make it either. Unless he has some prove...than i'll mention him as a creator of the gun.
IF he will prove that he is a creator... and will be against me posting my endo with his gun...than i'll just reupload the mesh to a newer one.

As for T-800 endoskeleton... I've remade this model from a scratch about 3 times with constant print trials and errors... it has an ugly as hell topology as it was one of my first models for 3D printing.

My next project was supposed to be this... but I've stopped it for a time...as other things need some attention for now.

Comments deleted.

Hi Kerag, The predator model looks awesome man, cant wait to see that come to lile in 3D. As you say it all about time and prority : )

As for the gun, I can vouch for Pete 100% as we spent weeks back in early 2016 discussing how he was going with the build and my mistake at dmentions ment I ended up with an oversize version. Check it out ; ) https://www.thingiverse.com/make:349171
I'd link him in as the maker of the gun would be a nice touch. but hey entriely up to you. Thanks for sharing your awesome model, Cheers Jace

Phased Plasma Rifle in the 40 Watt Range (Terminator)

Its just that I asked my mate Pete to make one and I was under the impression he made it from scratch. Did you list this model any where else prior to August 2016? Its just that I did check the topology and it matchs perfectly : )

is it weird this made me a little hard?

No. I fap at it every sunday... sometimes even on wednesday.

Yes, can u please split it?

I've added a tutorial in the description on how to split the mesh by objects.

hi can you split it and make a v.2.0???

amazing model. But it's only 1 file. How do I split it for printing?

Depends on a software you use.
In simplify3D there is a function to divide object by meshes.
In blender (free 3D editor) in Edit mode L key and selection will select meshes separately, this will allow you to divide each mesh as a separate object.

Or just google "Stl split objects"
Here is the first result

c'est bien gentil de dire pièce par pièce mais il y a un seul fichier qui est le T800 entier je ne vois pas comment on peut imprimer chaque pièce

In simplify3d there is a function that will divide stl by objects.
Otherwise use 3d editors

j'utilise pas simplify car il marche très mal avec mon imprimante mais ça aurais était bien de nous présenté en pièce détacher