PDW Kit for AEP TM G18C Airsoft Toy

by KeiserZA Aug 8, 2017
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Would the EMG Salient Arms BLU fit?

hey there. I actually have no idea. Looking at images of the said GBB, i dont think it would, it has that extra long barrel sticking out the front, that may not fit into the PDW design, and because it is a longer GBB than a G18C, the slide of the GBB action may catch at the back of the PDW and not cycle properly.

I want to use the base dimensions of your design to design a different spinoff to this. Do you happen to have the files in .obj / fusion360 format by chance? Thanks in advance! :-)

Hey there. Unfortunately i do not, sorry.

This kit fit in USP?

Hey there, I am not sure I understand your question.

TM has a few AEP models and one of it is USP. He was asking if it would fit the USP version since TM's Glock18 and USP has practically the same mechanism/internals just different outer case. but judging that this is custom fitted on the glock's slide chances are its not gonna fit the USP model.

How would you remove your pistol out of this?

Hey there. I have left enough space between the back and front slide that the G18C fits in before you slide it into the actual front picatinny section. It is also due to this large gap that I added the back block to hold it in place in the front. Please see the 1st to 3rd image posted in the thumbnails it is a progression of how to get the G18C in and same process in reverse gets it back out again.

Made 2 of them, took and posted some pictures. Enjoy!

Thanks KeiserZA for the design.

Awesome!!! Enjoy! I played with mine on Saturday Again. Love it

Didnt print it yet, but wondering: How do you connect the single parts? I dont seem to see any screwholes etc

Photos uploaded under I Made one/Makes

Hey there, i printed it yes.
My original upload had photos on, but i was asked to remove them.
I printed mine in ABS and used acetone to melt the parts together. Superglue, contact or any other glue should have the same result.
The long picatinny rail acts as an additional stability, i glued that onto mine to keep all the parts together as one. Ill post some pics, under Made Item, but without the AEP.

So Im using a cyma G18 and the stability thing that comes below the rear part is to short. Gonna figure something out myself
Looking forward for the pictures (y)