iPad support for DJI Mavic Pro remote

by blaiseb Aug 8, 2017
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I really like this model. I modified it a bit so I could use my Amazon Fire HD8. The only issue I had was after about 5 months of using it, the lanyard eyelets broke. I can (and will) print with a thicker infill next time, but to keep weight down, I'd prefer to enlarge the eyelet supports so they weren't so thin. That's really the only issue I have had with this since I started using it.

Lovely design. I just fitted a little better for the new 2018 iPad Pro 12.9 inch version.
I've uploaded it as a remix.

Cheers :-)

Thanks for remixing! Nice to see the thing evolving to new iPad models!

Anyone try this to see if it fits on Mavic Air?

I printed one with slight modifications for a Mavic Air remote, and a Samsung tab A 8" with a Samsung official book cover. The book cover acts as "pads", so I can just squish it into this support. I love it, Thanks.


Maybe you could add it to the "Remixes" so that other people with Mavic Air can use your design?
Glad you like it!

  • Blaise

fit on spark controller?

It was designed for the Mavic controller. I don’t have a Spark controller to test. If you decide to go ahead and print it, please let us know if it fits!

Love the design and the idea.

Is there a risk of the iPad Pro 9.7" of slipping out of the support although the 2 supports are attached with sandow or good rubber bands?
Apart from the little camera sticking out a little bit of the back (and the groove in the left support), there seems to be little to prevent it from slipping...
I was thinking of printing them in PLA. With enough perimeter layers (4) and 50% infill it's plenty strong but offers little flexibility. Just interested in your advice and experience before investing 7hrs + of printing time...

By modifying a little bit the iPad grip slot it would be possible to make it adaptable for other iPads or other brand tablets with our without cases.
Maybe you could make a wider universal slot. One can then just print slide-in "grips" for different type of tablets. Those grips would be printed in a flexible material (like ninjaflex or similar) so as to allow for less slip risk and better hold.


I must agree, the iPad support is as simple as it can be and this makes it very little flexible.
This is why I included the Fusion 360 file. I was hoping the project would evolve with the help of the community.

That said, in my experience, it is surprisingly secured. I never had doubt about the iPad slipping when using it, but in my case, it’s a perfect fit. For other model of iPad, I can’t garantie anything.

What I would suggest would be to print only the iPad support end to see if the fit is good before printing the whole thing.

If you know Fusion 360, mesure the thickness of your iPad with a galliper and modify the file accordingly. If you use an other 3D modeling software, there’s always the step file I also made available.

Hope this helps.

  • Blaise

I slightly remixed the support to provide for interchangeable elastomer printed pads. Current pads are for 2016 iPad Pro 9.7". (6.5mm thickness). Thank you again for a great design.

Can be found at: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2619033

iPad modular support for DJI Mavic Pro remote - remix
by jostro

Hi, that is a genius design! Simple and sleek and not as bulky as the most adapters!
Has anyone tried if an ipad mini also fits? Gues due to the movable grips of the controller it should fit too, or?

Wonderfull !
I did it in PETG and it work fine. Super !
Thank you very much

Added option for lanyard attachment

I updated the files so that they have the correct orientation for printing.

Hello, you would know the size of this Ipad model, I really liked it and would like to print one too ...

It was designed for this iPad : https://www.apple.com/ipad-9.7/
Should work with most regular size iPad models.