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No Hardware - IKEA Lack Side Table Extender/Stacker

by Cyberlamb Aug 10, 2017
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Super smart design, all your designs are top notch in idea. I'll be dropping some coffee money your way soon and post some makes. 5 months in 3d printing now, 7 machines later lol. I'm not into social networking type of things but I've made a few designs I'll have to share, I'll definately have to upload a make of a few of the things I've printed from ya. I'll print 4 of the 100mm ones tonight and see if I cant post a make. The beauty is in the simplicity and the use of that long ass screw into the part is going to be more rest easy.. I was going to build a nice stackable in my shop but these tables are 8 bucks at IKEA up the road easy peasy .

Are the holes deep enough? I want to place my PC on top and want to make sure it doesn't tip

Okay, that cat and mine look alike and similarly are helpful with 3D printing.

Comments deleted.

Which size can accommodate an anet a8?

Hi, the bit with the hole in, does this need to be there for stacking? many thanks

I guess that wall could be removed for stacking, but would be a heck of a lot less secure...

Lol, took me a while to figure that the table screw goes through it, doh!! thanks for reply.

it looks like too much to this design ....
https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1290198 ... just saying
But it looks if you dont put IKEA in the name (doing a free advertisement to the brand) no body look/like your work.
i did 2 years ago and i have 6 likes you did 6 months ago and got 158 likes
sad story... (i mean my story)

anyway... good design and thanks for shareing

Stand to hold 2 (shit IKEA) tables - Soporte para unir dos mesas

I checked your design out and didn't see any features that make it similar enough to this design that would make it a derivative work. The overall shape of the designs are similar and applicable to the Lack tables, but these similar shapes are used by nearly every part created to achieve that common objective; stacking tables.

Rests on table, not secured to table
Some kind of breakaway support/fitment component but not well described
The pictures are not representative of the Lack tables people are using

This one:
Designed to be secured with the legs (bolt hole)
Accurately described/photographed to fit the application (Enclosure) and products (Lack table) people are using

An Ikea reference is not necessary, but might be helpful, as most blog/board posts about this type of project reference the "Lack" side tables repeatedly. When I searched for these parts, I looked for "lack enclosure" and "lack".

Where I think you could increase your "likes" is by providing a more detailed description on your designs. The description can provide a lot of terms that make your part applicable to their projects and relevant to the search criteria. For example, you created a part to stack Lack and other compatible side tables for use with 3d printer stands, enclosures, and other practical purposes. Your part does not require hardware and allows for easy mounting and dismounting of the tables while (Hopefully) keeping the legs secure during use. Your part fits mission style tables with leg dimensions of ## x ## x ##. You could better explain the breakway bits so people aren't turned off because they don't understand what you've done.

By the way, I'm going to try out your bakers rack storage box this weekend. And your mosquito killer mod looks interesting too!

Best of luck!

Yes, he is awesome. He is also big. 20lbs. I guess I am using him as a weight stress test here. :)

a fabulous and simple design, thanks for the sharing

10% infill is okay? I ask because ive seen a few other designs and they're much higher infill percentage.

i designed some of those extenders myself and used 15% infill with a bodem and top of 2mm and had no problems when i put 50kg on one corner of the table, so i think 10% is plenty (btw dont put so much weight in the middle of the table because i think its not strong enough)

It is for my purposes so far. The tables are very light and I am not placing much weight on top of it.

Good job mate, exactly what I needed.

How much does it raise the table?

Right now it raises it 65mm. I designed it so that my new AM8 will fit in with about 20mm or so of clearance.

Edit: I have added additional heights.