by muzz64, published

Minisaurs by muzz64 Aug 11, 2017


Minisaurs are great fun and have a powerful bite with jaws that snap shut!

Well printed Minisaurs have jaws that will snap closed when you hold the tail and flick the legs and are great little helpers around home and / or in the workshop or office as a peg / clip / clamp. They have a huge bite relative to their size!

At standard scale Minisaurs will print at 75mm long... so are really small. This makes them just the right size to use as a fun key fob that can even be clipped onto things to hold your keys up. Well set up / precise machines will print Minisaurs well at this size and hey should be free to bite and snap their jaws straight off the build plate. If not, uniformly scale the Minisaur's file up a small amount (which will increase clearances) and the jaws will be free to move. If in doubt scale up uniformly by 5 - 10%... it will still be a small print.

Scale them up!

The posted file is the smallest size recommended for printing.... and they scale up great. 125...150...200% all work really well and the bigger you print them the stronger the bite and louder they snap their jaws. Make sure you always scale uniformly.

Minisaurs are a fully enclosed print that has an internal spring section. To make the spring action 'snap' use higher than usual shells and infill. At standard scale 3 shells / 35% or more infill is recommended. As you increase the size infill can be reduced.

Great fun to fidget with yourself... make the jaws snap... useful as a clip / clamp / peg... and also a novel gift.

Print in your favourite colors... and print lots. The Minisaur age has begun!

Refer to the print settings and images for additional information. And please post photos of your Minisaurs for other members to see.

Note: If you like this check out he rest of my fun and practical designs.

Print Settings

Printer Brand:



MakerBot Replicator+






Standard / 0.20mm


PLA / 3 Shells / 35% or more infill at standard scale. Reduce when scaled up.


Minisaurs are an easy print...Raft is recommended but do not use automated support as it is likely to stop the jaws from moving and you won't be able to remove it. As long as your machine is well set up / precise, has a filament fan and bridges well you should be able to print Minisuars without any issues an they will come off the build plate with jaws that snap closed (Remove raft and flick the legs while holding the tail).


Just remove the Raft and start snapping the jaws and biting things!

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Comments deleted.

Why do you recommend a raft?
Considering you print in pla, I don't see a benefit in printing with a raft.

Up to you but I usually recommend it as some users report damaging their prints when removing them from the build plate if they don't use it. A good (well sliced / set-up) Raft should allow far easier removal of the print off the build plate plus easy removal of the model from the Raft. Mine is like that and the base surface is usually still pretty good as well.

If you're confident about getting your print off the build plate undamaged without Raft than do it...

All the best!

Aug 12, 2017 - Modified Aug 12, 2017
DannisBeek - in reply to muzz64

Oh that explains.
I have never trouble with object removal. I print on aluminum with hair spray and after the print I put the plate in the freezer. Always pops off with no damage!

I print on glass without any glue or spray and when it cools down, it pops of from itself.

Also with abs?
I use kapton foil on top of the alu plate.
I have different top plates for abs or pla.

I print on glass with PLA, PETG and ABS. Works for all materials. WIth ABS sometimes it could be, that a corner gets a little bit rounded, but it sticks pretty well. YOu need a heated bed of course, for all materials if you just print on glass with no additional glue.

PLA will make it snap better but it should be okay with ABS as long as your machine bridges well... the should work out well.

All the best

Brilliant Muzz. Love this evolution and look forward to the next! Brilliant use of the legs.

Thanks... as I'm sure you've seen I already had my Z-Rex design but this works in a completely different way and allows it to have a better bite and jaws that really snap when flicked right... and the body is fully enclosed. From my point of view a significant improvement.

Someday you'll have to reveal the Magic you use for designing these things!
I took a look at the layers in S3D and theirs some interesting things going on with the jaw mechanism. :)
Pretty awesome!!!
Thanks for another great design!

Thanks... pleased you like my latest things that bite!

Yet another terrific and fun design from muzz! The kids are going to love these. Appreciate the excellent and humorous pictures you post with your designs.

Cheers for muzz :)