Snes Mini Raspberry Pi

by dukedoks Aug 10, 2017
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First of all , thank you for the excellent work on this model. Very appreciated.

Can you make available for download one piece as you show in the video at 45 seconds? I mean the snes_cap_center + snes_cap_exterior + snes_buttons_hole in one piece to print like that?

Thank you in advance

Thanks!! I just uploaded it!

thanks a lot for your work

do you have a link for the "transfer paper " for the logo super nes (amazon or something like that i don't know this paper in france)

In your video you show the top being printed vertical as one piece, and in your files its two pieces! Any chance we can have the one piece top also?

I just upoladed the top as one piece

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Hey, I like this alot!
Could you do me a favor and make the cartridge slot useable and design somehting inside the case to have a USB port in there, so I (or you) could remix a SNES cartridge STL sized to this case to be a USB stick to stick in there?

what you ask me is very complicated!!! hahaha

Don't get me wrong. I really like your design, I'm gonna print it and post my print but:

Can you please add more details in the description? What size the fan exactly has would be nice. Also a the exact color code of the used colors would be nice if available.

Edit: This guy claims to have the exact colors http://www.raphnet.net/design/console_colors/index_en.php
Edit: measuring with blender the fan has to be 35x35 mm (3.5cm if you have problem with metrics)

So thats : Fan 35mm x35mm and the colors main1: #b2b4b2 main2: #707372 buttons: #54585a

First of all thanks!

In the video description on youtube, you have all links for the components and more information. I don't have color codes because I use spray paint, the paint is Montana 94 from Montana Colors. But I don't remember the colors, I will check it coming soon and say you.

Great work! I am looking to make one of these for some retro fun over Xmas so wanted to ensure I had all the parts so just had two questions.

1: What was the fan size
2: What filler was you using in video as haven't used in 3D printing before but looks like it done a sterling job.

I share the build results when completed.


Thanks! In the video description on youtube, you have all links for the diferente components and more information.

Una pregunta desde la mas absoluta ignorancia diseñando con CAD , porque tiene la tapa exterior esas curvas en relieve tan dificiles de lijar y dejar medio bien? , es vital para el diseño? , un saludo.

No se a que curvas te refieres, si que es verdad que por la parte interna del modelo tiene alguna cosilla rara, pero no supe hacerlo mejor.

Hola compañero , buenisimo el curro que te as metido , en la descarga incluyes el diseño de las pegatinas? , podrias incluirlo para torpes como yo :( , gracias apañao.

Hola! Muchas gracias! Pues si, no eres el primero que lo pide así que, voy a incluirlo también! Dame nos minutos

Graciassss ;)

Fantastic model. Already made one, but had some issues with Simplify3D. There seems to be a few issues with the model as mentioned below. Especially the bottom. It came out useable, but a few artefacts here and there. Re-sliced with Cura and that one seems to be more forgiving.
But non the less, great model! Thanks! Will post a make when I've finished the build completely.

Did you make an on of switch? Or do you just remove the powercable everytime?

I remove the power cable everytime, but I model buttons apart of body for can use it like a real button.

What paint colours did you use?

Perla grey, Icaro grey and Metropolis grey for Montana 94

Few models got mising planes, so slicer is not able to slice them properly... mainly body, buttons, cap exterior, videogame cap,... would you please mind to repair it somehow? I would really love to make this awesome thing!!! :)

I repared it recently. It should be ok. I will check it again!

Sorry to say I printed the main body yesterday and the fins at the front were a mess when I sliced it in s3d. Unfortunately I only noticed after it printed. I ran a repair in netfabb which seems to have fixed it.

Its bad to run a fan directly from the GPIO pin, the regulators are not made for this

Is it really important to have a fan BTW? I've used many RPis without fan and never had any overheat problem.

What is the correct way to connect them? I don`t understand too much about raspberry pi

And this wasn't a critic BTW, you got the greatest model out here! Its amazing :)

Directly from the power source, since it runs at the same voltage... You will remove a lot of wear on the raspberry doing this. But I understand this is not a simple task with your design... Best bet will be soldering directly under the board on the micro usb connector

oh ok I am sorry! I misunderstand you! Thank you very much!. I would not want to have to solder directly to the board, I would like to use it for other projects!

Printed it last weekend, came out great! What kind of resistor and LED did you use, how is it wired... and where on the Pi is it connected?

Wow, amazing job!
I'm printing it right now, will upload pictures when finished. Can't wait to put the raspberry pi 3 inside!
I'm thinking about using acetone vapor smoothing since I'm printing it in ABS, anyone tried this instead of sanding?
What did you use to create the transfers?

Thank you very much! The transfer was printed on Decal paper. You print it with injeck printer and then you transfer the design with water. Like a tattoo.

This is awesome and printed out well. One suggestion, it appears the controller ports are spaced a little farther apart than on the real snes classic. Great job otherwise!

erm, Tried two printers now, neither will print this correctly, as I see this there are some weaknesses in the base (I have yet to print the rest still on the base) There literally isnt enough wall thickness from where the base goes up and then out, feels like you need a couple of extra mm of thickness there. Also the screw mount holes are weak, and the fan mount hasn't printed at all well, again looks like this isnt meshed well.

What slicer have you used? Maybe its the slicer not quite slicing it right, the slicers I have used are tiertime and ideamaker!?

I use "cura" and I prined it perfect....

trabajo espectacular! podrías decirnos que carta de colores (códigos) usaste de los sprays MTN 94? acabado mate o brillo? aplicaste barniz posteriormente?


Muchas gracias!! Pues creo recordar que fueron: "Gris perla" para el cuerpo, "Gris icaro" para el cuadrado central, y "gris metrópolis" para los botones. Son de la gama 94 que son pintura mate, no use barniz ni nada.

Comments deleted.

Awesome job!!!
I only miss a customizable version of your model... :-P

Thanks im makeing this now .

 Sí el fallo está en la tapa 

Y si pudieras separar el marco de la parte oscura para poder imprimirla con los colores originales ya sería la caña

Lo acabo de subir, no he probado a imprimirlo pero debería de estar bien ya! Si pruebas, por favor make!!

ok, eso está hecho, darme un par de días!

Hola me gustaria saber si vas a reparar el fallo del diseño que tiene la pieza superior le fzltan lineas y la impresion no sale bien el diseño es una pasada pero no esta bien el archivo gracias un saludo

Ya lo he reparado, no lo he probado, si la imprimes comparte!! Gracias!

Si claro, pero no encuentro el fallo, a mi se me imprimió bien. Es en la tapa? o los botones? Gracias!

How are people printing this? I've tried opening the top piece in three different slicers and the file is severely corrupted. Hope this gets fixed soon, I'd really love to print it.

I was able to fix this by turning it to print vertically. Haven't printed it yet, but it fixed it in Cura.

Turning it vertically still didnt work for me, in fact the print then look cruddy down one side!

I turned it vertically and still got weird gaps.

I'm fixing it, I'll upload it soon

Thanks! Can't wait to print it. :)

I just repaired it. If you try to print it, share it please!!! Thanks!!

i got missing lines on the cap file.


if you can fix this, this will be the best snes-raspi-design available right now. great job!

I just fixed it! Share your print please!!

the scale seems to be out on the new files...

Sorry, there was a failure to export. Tomorrow I'll upload again. If you put the scale at 1000% you can print it already. Thanks for warn me!

awesome, thank you so much. will try printing again today :)

I just uploaded it again!

Great job!
Would it be possible to get the files in an other format than stl?

Thanks!! Which format do you need? I think that it`s posible open a stl file in any 3d software!

No tít's not possible to open it in inventor (version< 2017), I think that's the problem.