Ghostbusters Proton Pack

by MileyORiley Aug 11, 2017
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Does anyone know the "hose" and colored tube sizes used? I want to try and pick some up.

Sent you an email with sizes, and those stickers you wanted.

I could you send me that email too? Just finished my Thundercats sword of omens. Always wanted one since childhood and now i can make one for my little boy who now thanks to it being on netflix loves the Real Ghostbutsers!

Such a proud dad :)

Yeah I'll forward on what I sent to jamesmauler above. You gotta message me your email address though.

If you look at https://www.thingiverse.com/make:558328 and https://www.thingiverse.com/make:623776 made by muddyfeet and BruDa respectively, they both made packs at 70% scale for their kids. BruDa specifically states it was for his 4 year old son. If it worked for both of them, 70% size should work for you too.

Ghostbusters Proton Pack
Ghostbusters Proton Pack
by BruDa

Hello, I want to try and print this for my niece. She is only 5, do you think there is a problem if use cuts to shrink it down 50%?

You did an amazing job modeling this thing, I can’t imagine the hours put into it

Have started the wand for my gf’s Spirit pack and it looks amazing so far!! Also Plan to start printing this soon as its done!! Thank you so much and I cant wait to show you my finished pack!! Thank you so much for this dude!! Sending tip soon as its done!!

Any chance that this could be made in small enough slices for a MP Mini v2?

Technically yes. You'd have to cut most of the parts here into smaller sections though. It'd be a lot of parts, probably double at least.

One more question: If the scale is just 80 % of the original, would an increase of 20% still work? I'd like to have it in original size, but I don't wanna mess it up

Hmm, not quite. If I reduced it to 80% you'd have to upscale that reduced size by 125% to get it back to 100%.
Unless my maths is completely failing me here that is...!!

What an awesome build! Any idea what the largest part is, or the minimum build volume dimensions (so I can upgrade my printer)?

I'm about to print this bada** and I'm so excited about it. I already started to print the Neutron thrower and I have to say: it fits like it should. The keys are awesome and the holes for the wires are perfectly correct. Thanks for those awesome files, I already tipped you a few bucks for your awesome work and effort. I'll try to get the wire schematics too, since I'm to lazy to think about the wiring myself :)
keep up the good work

Thanks for the tip and kind words.

Thanks for the effort of creating this beautiful piece. I'm totally excited for the result, but some parts need 30 hours to print, so it'll take a few more days

Really sorry to ask this (Probably again)
is this pack at 90% scale if i download the files as is. thanks for your help

Pack yes, neuron wand no.

Pack at 90% due to me being much slimmer average. But neuron wand is normal size because I'm an adult. They go together fine though.

That’s great thanks I so excited to print this but didn’t want to print it all undersized.
Thanks for your reply. Better get a load of plastic ordered lol

Hi, did you reduce the wand as well as the pack by 10%? Or just the pack? Great looking bit of kit either way :) Well done and thank you for sharing!

No, just the pack. Unless it's for a child, then I'd suggest reducing the wand to fit their smaller hands.

Quick question, what clamps did you use for the hose? I have the same type connector you used and my Proton pack is coming along very well, but I am stuck on this and running out of time before Halloween :)

They were a custom make to interface the hose to the connector I used. I measured the black corrugated tubing and connector I used and made a part to connect it and the aviator connectors (<- Google it) together. I ran wiring through the hose for sound, lights, power and controls but wanted an easy way to disconnect and reconnect the parts together with a robust electrical socket interface.

I've uploaded the part, it's called "Custom Hose Clamp v3.stl", you'll need two per hose end if you do it my way. Plus an aviator connector plug and socket. Also a set of round head bolts of the right diameter and two nuts of the right size to sit in the hexagonal slots.

Thanks so much! By coincidence, I already had the aviator plug and socket in my stash of connectors so this is perfect!

This project is awesome! Would it be possible to include a pdf version of the assembly drawing? This way, it would be easier to zoom in area keeping the visibility of the text. Trying to zoom in text with a jpg is kind of a lost cause.


Done, uploaded Proton-Pack-All-Parts-List.pdf. I'll also attach to this reply.

Just opened my original gcode from 2016 and it looks something like this [see attached]. Seemed to be the best way with the minimal amount of support required.

What orientation are you all printing the Cyclotron parts?

Have these parts already been scaled down by 10% or are they original size?

Already scaled down on the pack. The neutron thrower is 100% but they work fine together. It's also got some parts slimmed down to make an easy print and smaller/lighter for cosplay.

Assembly is still on going, sadly I messed up the cyclotron so having to reprint that. Have you got any pictures of the cyclotron and the N filter that attaches to it? To me its not obvious how it fits as it's not quite flush or did you have gaps around yours? I couldn't really tell from the pictures when I was zoomed in. It's a great design and I'm working on a few remixes of a couple of the parts which I will post once I'm happy.

It's kind of a flush fit for that part, which I then attached with a bead of hot glue. I was going for a welded seam look for that part.

do you have any pictures of just that part and how you attached it? I noticed that there is a guide on the cyclatron base part that shows the holes for the tabs in a half circle that go from the bottom of the N filter into those, but I find that if I have the tabs in the N filter going into the tabs then it doesn't fit quite right into the cut out hole in that cyclatron quarter. I could attach the N filter to the cyclatron quarter so it sits nicely on the little shelf part and that looks great but then there is a gap under the N filter. Maybe I should ignore the guide/tab holes for this part?

One thing I am considering is to combine the two parts in cura and print it as a single piece, but if you have some zoomed in pictures you can post then that would be great.

My printer is on its way. Once I'm past the newbie phase, I'm making your proton pack. #cantwait

Awesome design, what was used for the tabs? I have all printed and just cleaning up parts and prepping for assembly but was hoping for a suggestion on what you used. thanks!

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nm, bottom of the bin... little square tabs:)

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Yeah, don't throw away the tabs they're super important, lol.

You might have to trim them to fit in most cases, they're just for a bit of extra strength really.

I just finished printing all of the parts so hoping to start assembly soon. A few questions, did you assemble the individual parts and then glue them together to form a shell so that it mounted to the motherboard as one piece? Or did you mount each group of assembled parts to the motherboard? Also how did you route the wires from the powercell? Or did you power that from within the powercell itself? Its a great design can't wait to get sanding, sticking and spraying.

I assembled the parts together into their individual components, placed them on a piece of wood and drew around them to create the back plate. Then I cut out that plate (or motherboard as some people like to call it), stuck some small wooden blocks on it on the inside of where the parts were, then screwed them to those blocks. The centre cover didn't need and adhesion, friction held it in place. Wires from the powercell go through a hold in the motherboard, then into a larger cutout on the opposite side which is at the back of the cyclotron where all the (pack) electronics are.
Good luck.

Wow, this looks awesome!
Will start printing this weekend. Any sugesstions on infill settings? Is 10% enough or should I better go with 15% or 20%?

There aren't many 'solid' parts, most are walled empty shells. So you can stick to 20% without the worry or using excess filament or time. A few other people have made it recently, see what they did. I probably varied the infill to be honest when I was making it.

Hi. I just wanted to say a big thank you. My proton pack is coming slowly but surely together. A very fun project. By the way the clip you designed to hold the neutron wand works really well!

Looks amazing so far.

I'm working on this project right now. How does the hose connect between the pack and the thrower? The piece that's connecting them in the picture i don't see in the print files

Its actually a plug coupler as I have wiring run up and down the hose. The part is custom made to clamp onto the ribbed hose and then hold part of the plug coupler. Unless you have the exact same components I used, the part would be useless to you!

Is there any chance you could upload the sticker/decals as files too (preferably PNG)?


Can you send my way as well, Charles.Childress@bellsouth.net Also, do you have the sizes for the hoses you used? I want to get the right ones. Hoses and colored tubing. Thanks.

Message me your email address and I will send them over in the format you want, PNG or whatever you prefer.

I'd also love to have the stickers if possible, email is controlledchaosx@msn.com Thanks!! PNG/JPEG is fine. THANKS GREAT JOB!!!!

Hi. Just made the neutron thrower. About to start the pack. Question How does the thrower clip onto the pack?

I made a custom pair of parts which I've now uploaded called V_Hook_1 and V_Hook_2 along with another picture. I used these with a combination of countersunk machine hex screws, and neodymium magnets. The screws are attached to each part of the pack and thrower depending on what angle you want it at. Then if you add 5mm neodymium magnets into the 5mm holes which are opposite the flat screw heads, the thrower is held in place very well. Obviously the V shape of the bracket will take the majority of the weight anyway, works really well for grabbing and replacing your thrower (takes a bit of practice though).

Thank you very much! I'll keep you updated on my progress. So far so good :)

Hi Miley! I share the progress. Thank you for design!

Wow, that looks amazing. Great job so far.

Printing is going well so far and almost at the halfway point. Cant wait to crack on with the finishing and assembly. As for connector count goes, am I right in thinking it is 3 x hexpipe 3 x legris and 2 x hexboltwire that are needed? Assuming that its hexpipes that come out of the HGA?

Oh now you're asking! I've had to look at mine to get the answers.

-HGA to centrecover1_2 = 2 x hexpipeconnector1_1 (with thin conduit pipe connecting them)
-HGA to ppd = 1 x legriselbow1_1 at HGA end + 1 x hexboltwireconnector1_1 at ppd end (with wire connecting them)
-Cyclotron1_3 to ppd = 1 x legriselbow1_1 at cyclotron end + 1 x hexboltwireconnector1_1 at ppd end (with wire connecting them)
-ion1_2 to top of ppd = 1 x legriselbow1_1 at ion + a spring on top of the ppd (with earth wire connecting them)

So; 3 x legris, 2 x hexPIPE, 2 x hexBOLTWIRE.

Check the pictures and the CAD generated images, should be clear on those. They're quite small, do the first couple of layers slowly so they don't slip off the print bed.

Hi!!! This weekend I started printing the Proton Pack, I printed the gearbox and the powercell ¿You could share the CAD file of the back plate to cut with CNC? Thank you!

Hey, good to know you started. I added the part called "Backplate (not for 3D printing).stl" obviously it's too bit for 3D printing. But you shold be able to use it as the basis for your CNC. Although I just handmade my backplate, read about it on the item page.

Thank you! This stl is very util for me. Printing in progress!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! The next weekend I will start the printing! Thank you for your design!

Great. Looking forward to seeing the finished build.

Love the design, going to start it at the weekend. I just wondered, did you reduce the thrower by 10% as well or did you stick with full size? I'm fairly slight as well so a slightly smaller pack makes sense to me.

Great stuff.

No the thrower is basically full size based on measurements from fan sites, you don't really need to resize that.

Good luck with the build.

Cool thanks, I've already printed most of this thrower https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2334883 and just really liked your design so that's good to know that it should go together.

I'm only 5ft 7 so like the idea of a smaller pack. Think all of the ghostbusters were over 6ft so makes sense to scale down.

Ghostbusters Neutrino Wand

Yeah, I've got my own thrower design too (broken down into printable parts), but they're all just about the same it'll match alright.

The 10% size difference won't be noticed, plus the parts aren't as deep either so it cuts down on printing time and overall prop weight.

Yeah the original GB crew were kinda chunky, even Bill Murray want exactly slim back then.

This is an excellent design, just started making it. but cannot see the back Plate STL (With the Straps in the picture) am i missing some thing? thank again for the design.

The back plate is made from wood see the image with the caption "Painted parts on wood which was used for back plate". It would be too big to print, and could vary in size if you scaled the other parts.

So how did you do your motherboard? Did you just eye ball it, did you take a full sized motherboard print out and print pages 10% smaller and use that? Thank you for your design! :)

I modelled it in CAD at full size, then printed that out on regular A4 paper and stuck it together which is what you see in the image. I held that aginst myself in the mirror and decided it'd be too bulky for my slim frame so dialed it down 10%. Was pretty much eye-balled as you said. Once I knew I wanted it 10% smaller I scaled down the CAD and printed the parts.

so if i scale it up 10% it should be at full scale correct?

Almost, it would be the same size as that picture with the paper template below it. But it would still be slightly less deep than a full size prop, so if you looked at it from the side it'd look a little slimmer. The full size (deeper) one is massive though, would add considerable hours and material to the print.

Damn. I really like the way you designed this one but I'd wanna print it out full scale cuz I am a bigger guy.

Awesome work tho. :)