Sliding Y-Endstop Mount for Prusa i3

by enif Feb 13, 2014
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That blue PLA looks really familiar!


Indeed it looks similar ... but it's ABS from Reprap Austria (www.reprap.cc). :-)

Thank you so much for sharing this. It is a superb design.
On my homebrew i3, I have the Y bearings held on with zip ties, therefore my bed is lower than those with the block mounted bearings.
What this means is that my Bed frame hits the base of your bracket before it encounters the end stop switch.

Is there a way to lower the top by a few mm?

Thank you

You can adjust the height position of the slide rail in the variable yoff in module ybase(). But beware, by lowering it, it will collide with the screw nut on the upper threaded bar. So you will also need to push the slide rail horizontally away from the screw nut. Changing from xoff / yoff to xoff=16 and yoff=-4 will lower the base by 4mm, which is probably the maximum possible.

I have now uploaded two new STL files i3-ystop-r8-d20-l-low.stl and i3-ystop-r8-d20-r-low.stl with this lower version.

Hi Enif, Thats fantastic mate, thank you so much. It fits perfectly.

I didn't expect you to do the hard work too. But being a beginner with scad, I wasn't sure what to change. However, your help has given me a great 'leg up' on my learning curve.

All the best

You are very welcome! I am glad it fits. If it is possible for you, I'd appreciate a lot if you could post here a "Make" with a photo of the installed lowered version y-endstop - I am curious to see how it looks when mounted on your printer... Cheers!

Make uploaded at last mate, sorry it took so long.

Thanks for your Make! I was wondering how you were mounting it - now I can see it :)