by MG3Designs Aug 15, 2017
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I have a new printer with a 2' cube volume. I would love to print a giant one of these with lots of spheres as a display for our robotics center. How would I go about designing one?

Are you going to do a second size so there are two sizes like the original?

I can make a smaller version, no problem

That would be great. so a 10cm and a 7cm like the original?

Wanted to check the smaller size!! No pressure!!

Hey! Check out the small one tell me what you think!

Post a 'make' if it comes out nice

Was getting ready to try it but there is a stray piece at the bottom that makes the actual part sit up off the bed!
Going to try to get rid of it.

I saw that I couldn’t be bothered to figure out why that happened. But a slicer will fix that fairly easily

I put it into netfabb and separated all of the parts and deleted that one part and then recombined. It is printing now. about 7 hours to go.

In due time, I've been busy

Sure, but like the original, it will only be able to fit 3 internal spheres (4 total). To answer your other comment I use a 1.5 mm outer wall. I’ve listed all of the critical parameters on the part description. I’m not an expert by any means, I just know what I printed works for my printer. Alternate suggestions are welcome for other users who want to print this in the future. So if you find parameters that make your print quality better, leave them in the “Makes” section. Thanks !

I'll be interested to try this one. The main issue I am having is the part (the original) is very fragile once printed.

I’ve printed 4 of this model myself, one for every member of my family who wants one. No failures (even after being dropped a few times). Meanwhile on the first time I printed the Gyro Air it broke immediately. In my model I’ve accounted for this by making the walls much thinner. Unintuitively, the thin frame allows it to be flexible enough to avoid breaking on impact, instead of being overly fragile.

Sounds good. so, 100% infill and about .24 layer? How about perimeters? I'll try with S3D and Slicer so any tips there are welcome also!!

I'll try in PLA+ first then PETG and maybe finally ABS.

Looking forward to trying this one out.