Airsoft 3d

by paulopereira Aug 13, 2017
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Hi there, thanks for the upload, i am in the middle of making this but i cannot find the stl of the nozzle, i think it is missing from the folder.

Hi! The nozzle was made using an broken piece from the first version of "Soleira.stl" (stock).

Hello Paulo, very nice project!
But i don t understend how charge it. Where is ? Where i can insert the ammo?

the ammunation's insert is made from a hole at top of "Ponta.STL". For charge the weapon, you must need to pull back the "bolt handle" (Acionador.STL), put the BB ammo into the hole then push back the "bolt handle" to initial position.

Hello guys! I'm working on a new version of this airsoft (V2 Challenge). During that year I noticed that several people had difficulties in understanding how to mount the gun and how it worked. That's why I'm working on a simpler and easier-to-print version, as well as providing a complete tutorial for assembly!
Wait for new updates!

I await your V2.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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hello I am in full impression of the model but I have the impression that is missing a .stl can send me the 3d model of the piece Arrow

hello to your need to add pieces put and the spring, especially at the brown piece sru your video assembly ee a piece printable if no thank you to send me the complete list of all the pieces that we need

for the brown parts, i use pipes. All are 4 parts. a 1/2 inch pipe is used for the Barrel, the Stock and the spring guide, and one of 3/4 inch pipe for the cylinder.

I didn't print yet, but if it's works, then it will be a great job!!! Gratz!!!

I use 6mm Bb's of airsoft. For this project i use an airsoft precision barrel, but you can adapted and use another one.

Thanks, and the spring how long an wide is aprox? Diameter x long x diameter of steel

the spring configuration is: Long = 9cm, internal diameter = 1,5 cm, external diameter = 1,8 cm. I took from an oud umbrela kkkk!

do you have a video of this in action?

i up some videos, hope it helps to see the gun in action!

I'm going to make a video soon!