Improved Pen Spring Double Action OTF SwitchBlade

by LithiumPaintball21 Aug 13, 2017
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This switchblade works flawlessly. I first printed another design that used a rubberband and it was unreliable. The pen spring design is the way to go. Now i have a functioning toy replica that is more ideal to share its simple yet amazing mechanism to others. Great work on this remix.

can you give the step file/s for this please?

I’m sure you can find an online converter, I have no experience in .step

I printed one is color changing filament and it’s sick

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anything can be fitted but you will have to modify the model.

  1. This model I remixed is a toy. You can’t just throw whatever you want in place of the plastic blade.
  2. It will not likely take extra weight on the blade well if you add it, it’s powered by a pen spring.
  3. Even if it does, in most places a real OTF switchblade is highly illegal. Not to mention that it has no metal (except for the spring) including the blade.
  4. If you’re asking me to make something that can hold that, I can’t and won’t.

If you want to go ahead and try it, I can’t and won’t stop you. I am a bit curious myself, but I will not be held responsible for any negative things that may occur.

I believe in my state OTF knives are legal. I think it would be a cool challenge to see if I could 3d print my own OTF with a ceramic blade. I dont see any negatives to this challenge because the blade is not double sided, making this slightly more safe.

Like I said, go ahead if you want, let me know how it goes.

what should i scale this at on cura?

If your pen spring is the regular size and not one of the fat ones, its good as is.

well, I tried what you said in desc, and i tried 7 different pens, and it wont fit. Dang. Prob my fault

Did it just not fit? Or is it getting stuck?

I got it and it's awesome! thanks!

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I printed this and recorded the video: https://youtu.be/f2VepEpcKY4
Thank you for the model!

could you make a assembly video?

Great work!

A working mechanism without bolts or glue.

Printed in PLA at a layer height of 0.18 at 50mm/s

I first printed the blade to see if the spring would fit.
Its a tight fit but i managed to screw in half of the spring, then compressed the other half until it popped in.
The spring could move freely but i still used some oil on the spring.

It works most of the time and is a fun gadget to print and play with.

Nice! Glad to have some feedback! (Make sure to take the switch out when not using it as the latch can wear)

yeah great design mods, but the spring slot is too narrow and a normal pen spring isnt gonna fit. may try up-scaling the parts in cura

Works with the pen springs I use. Maybe they’re a different size, but make sure (also to everyone who has also made one) the spring gets inserted half at a time, from the center which is wider than the rest of the slot. Also, if needed the slot can be easily widened with sandpaper or a small file. Add a couple drops of oil.

yeah even with sanding and that wider middle part, spring didnt fit. printed it at 115% and it barely fit in and works well now. thanks for the updated design

i made it but the spring sticks. i need a stronger spring and the spring slot needs to be larger.

If it’s barely sticking, put a few drops of olive oil

please post video of it working.

I tried but it will not let me. It works though, and instructions are in the description. Depending on the quality of your prints, you may have to do some sanding and some tweaking.

what you need to do is to make a mpg4 videeo an post it on youtube then put youtube link in thingiverse upload.

It does work

can you post instructions

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Nice! Does it work? If so can you please post instructions?

Instructions are in the description.

About an hour 15 at 75mm/s

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