Pill Pouch (for animal medicine)

by 2ROBOTGUY Jun 12, 2012
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Hey guys, so I printed this out and the pieces don't fit! They are off by like 2mm or so clearly I'm doing something wrong. I am new to 3d printing so any advice you can give me would be great! is there way I can increase the resolution? Should I? Do you guys shave it down a little? I have a Creator from Flashforge and am using the ReplicatorG to print and sometimes use the Slicer app to merge stl files so that they can print in one printing. Any help would be great! Thanks.

I would suggest to do your slicing with slic3r. It is a better engine than replicatorg. Also have you printed some 10mm test cubes? If the cubes come out bigger than 10mm you will need to increase your filament diameter to compensate and/or your step per mm for the x and y axis.2mm seems like alot so I think it is your flow.

Thank you! I'll try the 10mm test cubes and see whats going on.

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