Sock Helper Mobility Aid

by ScottyMakesStuff Aug 15, 2017
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Printing for my daughter who is 9 with CP. Can't wait for her to give it a go, she has been working hard getting her shoes on and off herself:)

Thanks for sharing. I hope it works well for her!

how should i print this do i need to rotate it

No, print it as it comes as that orientation needs little or no supports

Hi Scott, your job is very honorable and admirable, I'm printing it for my mother who can not wear her socks for years now. I think it will work but in any case I appreciate the effort you have made and the idea of ​​making our passions available to even the less fortunate of us. You're a great one.

With esteem and respect,

Thanks Roberto, glad it helped another person :)

I love everything about this- design, usage, motivation. Well done, sir!

So it looks like somebody stole your basic design and is making a for-sale product for it without giving credit?


Chris is right, my design has parts that are unique but the overall concept is not original, which I mention in the thing. But thanks for leaping to my defence :)

This type of design has been around for a few years now, They've been selling these on Amazon for a while, I don't think it was stolen from this :)

Thank you SOOOO much Scotty!!! You're an inspiration mate!!!

You beat me to it... I have been, as you, looking for the exact thing in the market for a friend and have been contemplating a design. Now I can get back to my main object!!! Thanks again bro!!!

Thanks TobaccoDog! Always happy to help someone in need :)

Thanks guys. This size will fit most people and it's working well for my Aunt. If the person needing it has very wide feet, say from water retention, it may pay first to check their foot width and if it's wider than the helper then you can scale it up a bit.

my father in law mentioned he was having trouble with this last night....ill give it a run thanks

this is a great idea and honorable thing to do, keep it up!