Elephant Phone & Pen Holder

by West3DP Aug 14, 2017
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I remixed and optimized this for 3d printers. It prints in one piece as long as support is used. Since there isn't a remix button on this thing, I'm posting it here in case anyone else would like to try it. My make can be found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:754165.

Elephant Phone & Pen Holder

I printed everything lying down, and it did not fit.

Printed out on Hatchbox PLA filament. This was my first and longest print job so far and some advice I would like to extend with this. I recently purchased a glass bed for my Ender 3. Having doused the bed with some cheap hairspray as an adhesive, I found the following settings to be suitable for this print job:

Nozzle - 208
Bed - 68-70
FR (Flow Rate) - 65-70

Took much longer than I wanted but I had flipped the model to where it was printing vertically (horizontal print job was TERRIBLE) starting with the legs. If you print it out the same way then be aware that the back leg has a very tiny surface area that adheres to the print bed which caused me many failed pieces which required me to start from scratch again. There will be a little bit of sanding needing to be done for the pegs on the sides/bottom to fit into the slots. Do NOT try and force them in there as you can cause the filament to crack as I have learned. On the rear end of the elephant, the top peg is very close to the edge so sand as needed that way you do not have too much outward pressure. All in all, very nice model and will be adding a picture of my own finished product. Lastly, I broke the back leg off when sanding down the peg/mounting holes and test fitting one of the sides. The area is fairly thin so make sure that if your ends do not go in easily, DO NOT FORCE THEM.

very useful model Thanks

can you upload a .stl file?

stl files are up. Sorry for the delay

Sure, I'll just need to extrude it first. Check back in a day or so

stl files were very small and when scaled the sides and bottom we're about .1 off from fitting. Compressed, cut and put in some elbow grease to make them fit. Print looks great otherwise

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Any way you could give me some tip!/ Pointers and what size you went with? My daughter wants to print it, but noticed the size issue. Thanks in advance!

Can this be prnted with a 3D printer?