2V Geodesic Dome Connectors for 1x2 lumber

by Tara_Flannery Aug 14, 2017
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Here is a tutorial on how to make the complete dome as a livable structure.

Hey, thanks for the great project. I'm printing it all out, but I'm not sure how many "A" struts and "B" struts I'll need total. Maybe it would be good info to add in the description. Thanks!

Do the 1x2's get cut straight, or do they need to be cut at the required angle, as it I was butting them together? If it was already in your post, I apologize, I have been reading through several of these, and have become a bit foggy headed. and Thanks for sharing, I may try to convince my church to build one for miscellaneous storage, and make better use of the interior spaces

I'm liking this idea and will print out a set. I see that you are trying to also do a 2x4 version but it's a rather large connector, How about a 2x2 connector? 2x4s could be ripped lengthwise to provide the 2x2 economically and 1.5 inches would give greater attaching surface than .75 for heavier duty applications.

Thanks for sharing this awesome design! I have a question about your chicken run version. I assume you wrapped it with chicken wire? Any particular techniques? I'm also in the Seattle area and we just got chickens and ducks for the first time so I'm new to all this :-)

I built it around an existing coop. It's very light but you'd need to reinforce it around everyhub and especially on the bottom ring to move it frequently. Small wheels might work. I just wrapped it in wire and stapled it down. It was easier to put the wire up on the roof from the inside

Thanks! I was thinking after I had posted my question that it would be too heavy to move, but since you said it is light I'm going to give it a go. I really like the idea of it. I will consider how best to reinforce it - I'm thinking a good start might be gluing the pieces in addition to the screws. And maybe a base of 2x4s attached underneath, though that would add weight. I will post whatever I come up with :-)

Hi! I'm building this at a friends house and wonder if I could get the door design connector? I scaled it in Cura fine. Do any of these require supports or changing orientation? Thanks for a great design! I talked her out of the PVC stuff.

So...there's a second piece I need to upload, but this is the important bit. To make the door, print this piece and use it at the top of a penta.
You're really making it up as you go, the door is a pain honestly, but its great once its in.

thank you for the updates! I'm printing this for camping use right now. I was going to design some quick connect / disconnect couplers.

thought might check in to see if you've already done something like that?

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Starting to print tonight. Thanks!

Uno pequeño en la playa, gracias por compartir

Could it be possible to have the connectors for the 2x4s posted? please

I really need to test them first! I'm doing that this summer. Its a BIG ASS print and it would suck to post something that doesnt work.

Could you do a custom design for 2x4s with a little bit longer area to insert the strut? So the 2x4 sits maybe 4 inches inside the hub instead of only about an inch.

I've tried it - it's awful. Way too much plastic, the prints take like 36 hours a piece. Its just totally unreasonable. I've got an end cap design I'm trying out this summer though. If that works, 2x4s will be workable with the current design and minimal extra plastic.

i don't know if its just me or if others are getting the same thing but the bottoms have all kids of weird angles covering the slots for the 2x1s

this is the best shot i can get of them its like some of the shapes are corrupted happened after i scaled 2600% to make them right size in MM

Definitely corrupted. I'll see if I can upload some files without the inches setting - do them in MM so they don't do that. Wont be until tomorrow though.

don't mean to rush you but was wondering if you could reupload the files trying to get this made before the rains

thank you so much I love your design and can't wait to make a backyard clubhouse for my son with it :)

how much wood do you think you need over all trying to build several of them and wanted a rough budget

Just depends on what kind of wood you want to use. I've mainly been building with 1x2s - Where I am in Seattle, WA you can expect wood for the efficient 14ft dome to run about 40 - 50 bucks per set. (And you can have the Home Depot or Lowes cut them for you, usually for free since you can cut more than one at a time)


1) Hello fellow PNW person
2) googelyboogely@gmail.com is possibly the best gmail address one could possibly have
3) Your dome and hub design is sweet

I just got done making the hubs from this design https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:403079 but I scaled them up about 3X. Made for a sphere about 22" across and could probably go bigger.

What I have is a number of bamboo poles growing in our warm(ish), wet climate. I also have an Anet A8 (for only a few months now). So I just finished my first test (hex) hub to use zip ties to hold the bamboo to the hubs. Any advice or suggestions that might improve the concept?

I am also using with PLA but would prefer ABS if I can get that to work.

I am curious how your structure is doing since you built it.Has the PLA withstood the weather?


Geodesic dome
by piuLAB

The structure has been up for about a year, and through two windstorms! We added some plywood triangles, insulation, and reinforcement with extra 1x2s I had left over. The greenhouses put up around my neighborhood have fared well also, as long as they are properly anchored down. We had one break because it caught the wind and flew around a bit as a result of not being anchored.

It's better to see the connectors more as angle guides than as structural elements. The plastic has an incredible compression strength, but it doesn't deal well with sheer pressure - my experiments have shown not much of a difference in strength between PLA and ABS for this application. As long as you reinforce the structure once it's up, it will hold it's shape, even in extreme heat. Plywood serves to make the structure incredibly strong despite the lightweight beams.

You should be able to re-purpose any of the connectors already out there made for PVC pipe to work with bamboo poles - you'll just need to glue or resin the ends of the bamboo poles into a length of correctly sized PVC and connect them that way.

Thank Tim! Happy Dome-ing!

  • Tara

it can be made a little smaller ? for using pvc tube?

These are designed for lumber, they wont work with pipe. The sleeve is rectangular.
Maybe this?

Geodesic Dome 3V Connectors


These hubs are amazing! Thanks so much for designing them. I plan on building a dome greenhouse with elementary kids at the school where I work with the job title Ecoliteracy Coordinator.

I have a question about getting the hubs at the correct scale. When I opened the file in the XYZ printing app, the file was teeny. It was already in inches. I enlarged it until it seemed right, and when it printed and I measured it, it seems like the furring strips you suggest will fit. I didn't right down the numbers of the enlargement. Could you provide the correct X Y Z numbers for the correct scale? Also, how does one tell the size of the areas where the wood goes?

Thanks for your help, and I will post this when it is done.


I just checked, and if you scale them up in cura 26 times, you get correct dimensions.

25.4mm to 1 inch. Bit of tolerance for mill cut wood. Not bad!

Hi Brett!

If you still are having trouble with the files, email me, and I'll send you some others!


Hi Tara,

I got them to work! Hopefully will build the dome with students soon. Will post images.

Thanks for your awesome work!


Yeah! Awesome!

Your reward for posting pictures of your MAKE of this thing ....I will send you the files to make a doorway!
Its only three pieces, and it makes it real easy to get in and out of.

Use the dome to grow microgreens! Or mushrooms! Microgreens would probably be better unless your class in highschool / college kids.

I posted an image of the dome. We will use it as a greenhouse.

Thanks for designing this and I am excited about the file for the doorway!

Door instructions:

  1. Print at least a Coupler and one Door angle top.
    If you dont want to cut 45degree angles on the sides, print three Door Angle Top

  2. Pick a five sided penta to remove, and make room for the door.

  3. Remove all the struts that spoke out from the penta hub and the hub itself.

  4. Screw the coupler piece into the empty opening in the hexa piece at the very top of the penta

    • The coupler will allow you to put a strut extending however far you'd like your door opening to extend. I think the last one I did was about 33" long, which aught to be JUST long enough so the door can be screwed into the frame at the bottom. You'll have to tinker with it a little, depending on how level your ground is.
  5. Put the top angle piece on the end of that new strut, screw it in. Add sides - however long the sides are will determine how wide your door opening will be. See the Doorway.jpg for visualization.

  6. Once the basic doorway is somewhat framed in, reinforce it as needed.

Hi Tara! I’m in the PNW and am in the process of building mine right now (will he used to house my meat chicks), but I don’t have the right app to open the door coupler files! Do you have an stl for these? I’ll be sure to post a make when I’m all done!!

Hi Tara, I hope you are well. I'm looking to build a Dome and yours looks just great. I try to build one because a few days ago there was a terrible earthquake in my country and many people became homeless, this proposal seems to me suitable to create emerging houses. But my doubts are: How long did it take you to make a dome? and what is the resistance of the dome, do you consider that lasts at least 2 months in the open?
I appreciate your answers and I send you many greetings.
(sorry for my bad translation)


How long did it take?

  • Printing the dome parts took a couple weeks on a single machine, the monoprice mini.
  • I have three machines now, a CR-10 and two mono price minis, and I can print a full set in two- three days.
  • Setting the frame up takes about two hours.

Multiple machines could do it faster, or you could print one of each type, and make molds of those. Silicone molds and resin would allow you to make many parts quickly, but are not as cheap, because resin is expensive. I think it would be a worthwhile investment to get multiple machines. I would recommend at least two CR-10 machines, as you could print connectors for large, 2x4 lumber, and make very strong, very nice, earthquake and wind proof living structures out of the existing rubble.

If you were to make domes out of 2x4 lumber, the structures would probably be strong enough to drive a truck onto, but they would take longer to make also. I think it would be worth it though. It would likely outlast existing housing.

The current design for 1x2 lumber would definitely last for two months. My greenhouse has been up for 6 months, and has managed nicely through a wind storm.


I printed these with PLA plastic - it doesn't get hot enough to warp where I am in Seattle WA (rarely above 95 degrees here), even during the summer, but reinforcing the domes once up will be essential in very hot weather. The compression of dome will help prevent severe warping though.

I will post connectors for larger lumber for you.

Your connectors are exactly what I was looking for, thank you! Is there any way you could upload your versions for 2x4's, or do you remember what percentage you upscaled them?

After testing the design for 2x4s, I have decided it would need to be redesigned as the resulting connector is massive and incredibly time consuming to print - almost 23 hours PER PIECE. It would take a month or more to print all those! I'm willing to put up the design of you want to try it though!

Im also working on a connector set for 2x2s which would allow for a longer span and larger structure, and take about 12 hours per connector to print. Plus 2x2s are usually straighter than 1x2s.

Thank you very much for your answer. You have reason to look for more printers to reduce times and I like to know that it has good resistance. I will try to print the parts for a first experiment. I appreciate your talent and your courage to share your inventions.

very good job but knife in your hand is ... creepy

Its a rubber mallet. That's pretty funny, I can see it now

This is awesome. My first thought is creating one these for the snowy Winter months up here in Canada. Would be a great starting point for an igloo for the kids.