Inverted Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick handle

by 3D_ThingKing Aug 14, 2017
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HI ninjapsycho,
Firstly thank you for making the model its exactly what I wanted, however, i sent it to a printing service and they responded to me telling me they can not print the model, here is what they told me.

"Sorry to say there are too many mesh errors in the files to make them printable. At the moment the printer does not know what is an outside surface verses an inside surface. The mesh will need to be repaired before I can determine the best print options. Sorry.
I have already tried the normal tricks that I have to repair the model for you but no success. I would love to be able to print for you but 3D design is not a key skill I have. You might be able to reach out to the person that loaded it to see if they have better versions or can repair them. Otherwise sorry to say I can't do much further."

Any suggestions?

This is a common problem that I have with Thingiverse models I download. I bring them into blender and fix them up a bit.

The problem you are having with this is the normals are not set correctly so your model is showing the insides are outside and the outsides are inside. You have to bring it into blender and reset the normals.
To do this:
Import it into blender
Bring your item into view
Select it
Hit tab to go into edit mode
Then hit ctrl+N to switch the normals
Switch it until it is showing the correct outside

I know this was commented a long time ago, but I wanted to post this for future users. If the creator could change the model normals all the people could just pull it right into their printer no issue.

Thank you so much for the model!

I did get it ultimately printed my brother sorted it out he probibly did as you mentioned. But i hope your comment helps other users also cheers man

Hi. Did they try ”Merge” in Cura? That works for me
I dont think I can help you if I remember this project correctly but I’ll look in to it. C you

Thank you,
I very much appreciate what you have provided here and any further help to make it printable is very much appreciated.
Sadly I could not tell you what they did, as I am not a 3d modeler I'm more the hands-on mechanical type.
the conversation above is all the information they gave me.
if you provide a "merged" file (assuming that's a thing?) I can place another order with the printing service and see what they say.

This is my conclusion. In newer Curas it works if the parts are "Merged" up right and only up right.
In older Curas they can "Merge" it and lying it flat down against the bed
Since Cura is free maybe they could do this for you quite easily. Here are all versions:

OR I can print it and send it to you!

I live in Australia (Brisbane) so I'm not sure what that would cost to get you to print and send it to me, as I believe your in Gothenburg Sweden

Probably cost as much as a brand new joystick (right handed that is)
Remember its not pretty in the details and it has no place for the big trigger (index finger) nor trigger for thumb. The top joystick with buttons are glued on.
Its just a handle basically. If you still think it could be worth it let me know.


That's what I think also too expensive due to our geographical locations.
I may be better off carving it out of wood, Well I thank you again for your time looking into this Ninjapsycho, I will contact the local printer and tell them what you told me about Cura and ill see what they say.
It was nice to meet you though, thank you for your help, have a merry Christmas and happy new year.

Too bad it wasnt working for you.
I merged it in newest Cura, exported the new merge as an STL and printed it lying down in Cura version 15 something. Thats how they can do it. I hope they can help and that you will get what you need. A merry one to you too

HI ninja, So I finally got it printed, my brother printed it for me with his own printer, I don't know why the commercial printers would not do it, the only issue we had was the print started too high from the bed but that was fixed with an extra support layer. Heres another picture you can add to the preview if you like https://imgur.com/a/kJ3OezO
Thanks again for making the model way cool

Wonderful! Looks great. Can you upload it as a ”make” perhaps? Totally love the color and Im happy it worked out well for you

good point, Uploaded to makes ^_^

you dont happen to have the POV hat do you? I have the extreme 3d pro wireless version and the little plastic POV that fits down into the joystick has the little "nubs" that hit the micro switches have worn off.

side note: none of the " thing view" seem to be working. looks like am empty work space

No sorry.
About the "thing view" I think they are too high in resolution maybe?