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Power Boat, Speed Boat 36"

by thepael Aug 15, 2017
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hello thepael I just signed up to the site thingiverse just to tell you that I'm printing your project of the geico hull, wonderful you were great to throw off a hull like this. congratulations. I just wanted to ask you a question where you can find the decals, here in italia they are difficult to find if you can give me some indications of some online store I would be grateful

There is a problem with the full hull file. For some reason the part has a split line fwd of the Hatch compartment. Basically the bow of the boat acts like a left and right side when slicing it.


yes i know that, one user want absolutely the full hull, i told him there are some errors in the full hull, i repaired this in the stl files after splitting and slicing

Hi mate very nice design and build, can you list all the parts to buy in the boat please, I dont want to order the wrong parts and wasting money and time. Thanks a lot.

I saw that the bow is full. If i print lv.stl and rv.stl with infill 20% would weigh about 250g per part. would be fine?
Thanks, very good project

this and other parts which are full, i printed only with 10% infill

If i upscale this to 150% with a 0.8 nozzle and 0.5 layer height and 3 perimeters,will it work? I had a rio51 back in the days and i prefer that size. Please let me know

Hi guy
0,8mm nozzle and 3 perimeters - thats about 2,4mm thickness, i think it will be ok, thats strong enough for 150%

Thanx for the reply man!Appreciated!

This looks like a great project, I've never done something like this and looking forward to it. Just one question is the LV print is biger than my build plate of 200 x 200 x 180, any suggestions or did i miss it in previous comments.

Hello guy
the LV is original size ca. 150x90x135mm, but you can cut it by yourself, i used Sliz3r Software, it's free

Hi guy
Good job, can you help me,?
My printer is so small to print 4 parts RV LV Cockpit right and left. I don't find the good app for cut in too parts the stl file. Could you give me a solution. Best regard Didier

Hey guy,
i used "Slic3r" for cutting because it's free and easy to use


Ok i try it
Thanksgiving for reply

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How do you connect the parts? Glue? If yes, what kind?

Wbr Dirk

Hi guy,
i posted i so much times hoe to glue together,
read the comment below i posted to #saxpg

Hi, is it possible to have the complete .stl file of the hole boat ? so we can split the boat into sections that will fit different printers. mine is 50x50x50cm so bigger sections would be better


i added the full catamaran and cockpit to download


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Hello , i have challenges printing the cockpit. I have a prusa Mk2s and i have either layer shift of failure since the piece are really tall ( and thin ) Did you used any manual support material or anything to stabilize the piece during printing ?


yes, the cockpit i printed allways with a brim (10 rounds) so you have a 10 rounds socket

I'm considering printing this so i can fit a small engine and go to sea, pls convince me it's a bad idea.

Hi, if you want to shrink it, don't shrink the hull too much, you get a too small thickness of the skin

thanks for the reply, i mean increasing the size so a human can sit in it

Wow, you want to upscale it ?, i don't know if you can print it, they will be a lot of pieces, but i think it will be strong enough to keep the weight of a person, i wish you good luck
or do you want to build it with plywood?

That's right, i have a very large printer, i'll make supports in the joins and fibre glass it after then, thank you

What printer do you have ? that will be a lot of hour's of printing

Think it’s better to talk in months then hours, highly customised upgraded Ender 3D, I might put a live feed up of the process, let’s just hope this thing floats :p

I'm very prying to see the result, i wish you the best,
which lenght or size do you want to print ?

yes, it will be many hours or better "months of printing" :) ,
if you print the front of the boat like me, there is a lot of air in the closed solids, so it will be unsinkable, believe me, i have many crashes with my boat, even though it's pretty heavy, and the boat don't sink
good luck


J'ai imprimé votre bateau, vous avez fait un travail exceptionnel il est magnifique.

J'ai une petite question concernant l'arbre de transmission avec l'hélice il se positionne ou ? faut il l'immerger complètement dans l'eau ?


Hello guy
sorry i didn't understand french, but google translate did a good job,
please look at this website; it's the best for understand how to position the prop:

i hope you will post some photos or viseos


Merci beaucoup

has any one scaled this up?

come play with the bigger boys

Hello please more photo rudder,Rear , substructure, shaft. Thanks

Hi guy,
it's unnecessary to post much more photos, there are so much other webpages how to build a boat , years ago i was a beginner in building RC boats but i found everything on net, the most important things you will find it at this page:


Hi guy,
it's unnecessary to post much more photos, there are so much other webpages how to build a boat , years ago i was a beginner in building RC boats but i found everything on net, the most important things you will find it at this page:


Hi, great job

Is it prosible you can share a list of components you used?? woud be great...
Thanks for sharing

all parts i used are listed below, please read all comments


Hello, Great work. Can you send me the list of components please? Thank you

do i need all parts from the thing files when no write please the i dont need

how did you glued the pieces together that theire are no cuts in optical????
sorry bad english


yes you need all the parts to print for the boat because it is 90cm long, how to glue it together i described it a few times in my other smaller project :


Power Boat, Speed Boat 29"
by thepael

Hi, I'm french sorry if you answer about this question but certainly comments I don't understand. So your boat is waterproof with no addon for that.


normaly the boat is waterproof, but you have to glue the cockpit with this waterproof adhesive tape:

then it's 100% waterproof when you turnover in water


Not guider but rudder sorry

The rudder and it's mount is selfmade by CNC, but it's ca. 100mm high

Yes thank you and what are the dimensions of your guider?

Hello, what propeller You are using ?

i'm using an 42mm/1.4 plastic racing prop

Thanks ! Great project btw :)

hi, how many walls have you used and how many infill?

very nice boat !

i used normal 3 outer shells,3 bottom and 3 top layers, printed with 0,4mm nozzle and 0,3mm layer thickness,
all infill are 20% exept rv,lv,r4 and l4, they are only 5% infill, because they are closed solids and this is stable enough


Thx , i will try it ;)

Hi, I will print my boat very soon. I just have some questions about your boat.
I see you use a Water Pump R385, but, to what you connect it to power it?
You use the two batteries, is just to increase the time of running right? Because seems that the two is connected in parallel.
And for last, what is the name of the metal parts that connect the plastic tubes? I cannot find anywhere :S

Thanks for this great project, I will post my result boat when I'm finshed.

that's exactly what I need :)
thanks for the links and for sharing the 3d model.

THanks for the upload! I’ll start printing it as soon as I get my UPS for the printer, wouldnt risk such a long print. Im starting to buy the parts for it, i wanted to know if you have any specs onthe hardware? any special rudder size/config you recommend? Trim Tabs? Turn fins? Thabks again for the upload, best regards

Hi guy,
everything i used i posted it in this - or in my other boat:
but i use no turn fins or trim tabs,
in this 36" boat i used an aluminium selfmade rudder, everything you need about ruder height and other thing you can see:
and many other things about boats:RC Boat Calculator,Power system,......

i hope this is enougt for you

Power Boat, Speed Boat 29"
by thepael

fatto veramente bene tutti i particolari

nice very nice boat! i was wondering about scaling it down. my question is how much scale down can i go before i wont be strong enough to work right if any? i know i can go up but my printer is small so. or could you scale it down and thicken the walls for us guys with smaller printers? i have all the electronics so i will build this if you can do that for us. thanks for sharing it is very kool!

Hi guy,
see my other boat:
it is scaled down to 29", i think this boat is small enough and cutted to left and right side, you can cut the height of both sides what your printer can print,

i hope this is enough for you

Power Boat, Speed Boat 29"
by thepael

Hi Thepael,
i wanted to try and make this boat. Thanks for the files, looks great! I have a question regarding parts "L4" and "R4". They seem to be full inside with infill. Did you make it like that, and what do you think of idea of splitting the parts in half so it can be printed empty inside?


Hi guy

i printed the l4, r4, lv and rv full, but only with 10% infill, i think it's better because it's unsinkable cause of enough air inside if you have an turnover or an crash

Ok, thanks. Good point. I needed to cut lv and rv in half because mu printer is 230mm high, but I think it will be ok.


I`ve finished the boat and it looks great! Few things I noticed... The back of the boat seams to be small to attach any hardware, it is only 20mm high. I will make some custom mount to get some more surface in the back. The other thing is gluing parts together. If you ever have time to do it, it would be awesome to make some guides so the parts align when you press them together. If you use CA, you have very little time to make corrections.
Once more, thank you so much for this awesome print.
Sve najljepse i veliki pozdrav, Sasha.

Hi guy
yes, the back of the boat is small, i make also some custom parts for mounting the servo, receiver ....,but not for ESC and motor (hot),
if you print with PLA, the best thing for glue it together is "Dichlormetane", you can buy it on net, i put some some small pieces of PLA into it and wait until tomorrow,it have the perfect viscosity for glue it together, if you use ABS, the best solution is Acetone.
Now i'm printing with my sons a much bigger boat 47" (120cm) there are 24pieces, i made some upgrades at my drawing,now we are printing it
The next: i'm developing my own ESC (i want to have real 200-300A load) for bigger motors (4074), i need a few weeks more time, but when it's finished i will post it here the entire boat

please post some pictures of your boat
pozdrav :-)

can you post the 47 one please?

День добрый! Прикрепите побольше фотографий пожалуйста!

Very nice. Has anyone completed one and got it running?

These files will make a 36" boat correct? All this mention of the 26" boat have me confused. This is an awesome project you did and I was so excited to find it.

yes, all these files are for the 36" boat

That's absolutely amazing! How did you attach all the sections together? Ive been into RC for years and have a 5' deep v offshore hull with a custom 26cc weedwacker and gear reduction with surface drive. Could you scale up this print to make the 36" or bigger? Im totally new to printing but would love to try something like this down the road.

look at my other 26" boat, i explaned how to glue it together if you print with PLA (i do so),
you can scale it with many programs,also "Cura" can do it

You can scale it up to whatever dimensions your printer can print.