Nintendo Switch Arcade Cabinet

by concavechest Aug 15, 2017
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i have a question about the rear and front lower panel is there other files for the rear cover for the fan and power port and one for the front usb ports

I have re-uploaded the files for these. sorry for any confusion

It looks like the latest version is missing the electrical bits -- I'm not sure if this is the best way to include them, but I posted a remix containing the files: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3581093

Nintendo Switch Arcade Cabinet With Electronics
by howchoo

Great job on this model concavechest!

We just released a full assembly video and written guide for this project.

To address some of the comments here, a third-party AC adapter will keep the Switch from thinking it's in the dock and can thus prevent the screen from shutting off. :)

Also, some people were concerned about bricking the Switch by using the electronics listed by concavechest -- at least with the latest firmware (April 2019, 7.0.1), so far so good. The data features of the hub even work, as well as controller charging.

Let me know what you think!

hi im new to all of this
can you tell me please how I find out if my printer is big enough to do this please

Just finished putting together my very own cabinet, and have run into the same problem that the other people here had, where the switch thinks it's docked. Have you found a workaround for this, or am I doomed with a non-charging cabinet (not any offence to your design)?

I'm terribly sorry to hear this.

I have not had the time to find a work around for this, though I have been brainstorming some ideas.

until I get it figured out, I will remove the parts files for the charging version of the stand.

sorry again for the inconvenience

Came seeking answers regarding this.
Can you put the charging cradle option back on? I've no issues charging my switch with my phone charger and would like a charging version

are the files already placed so that you can print without support? if not, it would be great if you could do that

how do you print the CradleSwitch_Arcade_Cabinet ?
I tried it lying on the back but without success , I will try it standing now

The files are not oriented in such a way that you can print without support. Many of them will need to be rotated to accomplish that.

I printed the cradle standing up, and it printed well without supports that way.

Hi concavechest! I was looking at your model and was wondering if you have the full stl file. I was thinking about possibly slicing it differently. Is there any way you can post an stl of it together?

I will look into it

Hi concavechest! Great work on this switch arcade cabinet. I'm building my own make but am having issue powering the switch. Are we supposed to use the white wire that comes off the extension hub to plug into the elbow and power the switch?

When I do this the switch does not charge but will charge when plugging the usb c in directly of course. Am i missing something?

So i actually bought a second Lention usb hub to see if it was a bad one. Unfortunately, the second one did not charge the switch either. I don't think the Lention will charge newer Switchs unfortunately.

sorry for the late reply, I was out for the holidays

I used the wire coming off the Lention hub to plug into the switch, and did not have any trouble charging, but I gave away my Arcade cabinet before the latest Switch firmware update, so I have not been able to test the current charging capabilities. I will try to find out what i can, but perhaps that hub is no longer compatible.

sorry for the inconvenience

No worries at all. Just thought I would point it out in case anyone else was having issues.

I think i might still be able to get it to work. I can charge the switch when plugged in to any of the other ports except the white wire extending off. I will get a splitter and use that for the two controller wires, then plug the switch and fan in separately. I think it might just work...

Hello, really enjoy the file! I was wondering would you be able to make a hybrid of the simple back and the normal back. I just want to be able to charge it without having the big hole meant for the fan. Thank you

I will work on getting a version like that uploaded this week.

EDIT: I have uploaded a Back Without Fan file

It is basically 100% almost certain you are going to brick your switch with this power delivery. The switch does not follow the USB C power standards, and companies offering aftermarket solutions are generally bricking them, a DIY approach may be even worse. Sadly, the only 'powered' dock you are safe with is the one nintendo offers.

I've been using it continually for over a year without bricking my system. I am using the official Nintendo AC adapter with this setup, and do not use it as a hub for displaying to a television (only charging), but I can't say for certain whether that makes any difference. I've commented on my experience with it multiple times below.
EDIT: It appears I have not updated my experience in this comment section, but with someone through direct message. the update is: I have used it since the update, and I have not (yet) bricked the system. END EDIT

I take no responsibility for any damage your system might incur using this and I've also included a version without the electrical components for those who don't wish to take the risk.

I can only speak from my own experience, which has been problem-free.
Be a responsible maker, and use at your own discretion!

What did you use to bond the pieces together? I've got majority of hte items printed now.

I used Weld-On 4 Acrylic Adhesive. it's a Solvent cement, and works great with PLA plastic. I don't know how well (if at all) it works for ABS.

So I have started printing this (will post pics when done), however when I click on the Amazon links for the electronics, they don't show anything, could you list the names of the pieces you used?

Thanks in advance, awesome design.

EDIT: These Amazon links don't seem to work either, and I am not sure why. If anyone knows any options for linking to products on Amazon, Let me know!

Thanks for pointing that out! those links seem to be broken. I used:

-LENTION 4-in-1 USB-C Hub:

-Exuun USB C Type C Male to Female Adapter, Right & Left Angled 90 Degree :

-Generic Dual USB 2.0 panel mount extension cable, Like this one from Seadream (Seadream Dual USB 2.0 Male to Female Extension Cable 30cm with Screw Panel Mount Holes):

-AC Infinity MULTIFAN S1, Quiet 80mm USB Fan:

this charging system is safety?
I’m afraid about being bricked.

And what is the purpose of this elbow retainer?

I have heard that, with the newest Switch update, systems have been bricked by third-party devices. I have not tested it on my Switch with the most recent update (I'm also concerned about my system being bricked), and I have not been able to find any information about the hub I used, whether it would be safe or not. I'm inclined to believe that, since the hub is only transferring power and not data (and not working as a dock to connect to a tv), if it's used with the genuine Nintendo AC adapter, it should be safe (although I cannot verify that this is the case, it's just a gut feeling I guess). If I find any information about it, I will be sure to post it here.

The purpose of the Elbow Retainer is to keep the 90 degree USB-C elbow from being pushed downward by the switch. It slides into the slot in the Cradle under the 90 degree USB-C elbow.

Thank you very much for your comments. I'll have to stop the charging system for now until further information comes out. The charging system is great. I look forward to hearing from you

So i have the cabinet fully built. only issue i see is when the system is plugged in for charging and playing, the switch thinks it is in the original dock and wants to display on the tv, i have yet to find a workaround for this.

I have not encountered that issue. are you using an AC adapter for power, or plugging it in with a USB?

using the ac adapter, going through the usb extension to the hub to the switch.

I have not used mine since the most recent software update on the Switch. I wonder if that has anything to do with it. I will have to try mine out again, I'm not sure why it would behave that way.

I'll post here again if when/if I figure anything out

Hi guys !

I finished mine something like 1 hour ago and I can confirm that with the official Nintendo USB AC adaptater for power, the Switch thinks she's in the original dock... But ! I try with a classic USB C AC adaptater and she's charging very well =)

Very nice work on this arcade cabinet concavechest ;)

Thanks for the feedback!

This is very good information to know. I will also have to try it with my phone charger, just to see the difference.

I'm glad to hear you like it!

is it difficult to break up a large print so my small printer can print it? the largest I can print is 5.5" x 5.5"

Hi, simple question - could you please tell me at which orientation did you print the top part so you did not use supports? Thank you for your answer!

I printed it with the back face (where the ventilation slots are) on the platform

This looks great! I've never seen anything like this! It's going to look Awsome when playing any fighting game or driving game! Awsome design!

I'm Glad you like it! Thanks for the Feedback!

You should make an attachment for the arcade cabinet that holds your controller or a space to store acssesories, that clips on or version of the cabinet

That's a great idea, I'll try to look into it when I have a chance

Have you found a good storage idea yet? a "bolt on" bottom with a pull out drawer would be amazing.

I am working on one, but I'm not happy with it yet.
I will keep working on it! hopefully I'll have it up soon!

that is fantastic news, i cant wait.

This looks spectacular. My print surface is 200mm but I still cant seem fit the ~190mm "Bottom_and_Front..." and similar parts.

Any suggestions for Monoprice's Duplicator i3 Plus rebrand? If I scale to maximum it scales it to 97% (even though the parts fit inside the bounding box at full size).

And to you guys who made one, how many print-hours went into this?

If you're having trouble fitting it on your print bed, let me know which pieces, and I can cut them into smaller parts.
Feel free to send me a message if you need anything!

Does the offer still stand? Because my printer has a measly build volume of about 100mm x 125mm x 125mm. Unfortunately, the only pieces that actually fit on the plate are the elbow retainer and the fan duct. All others are too large and I can't seem to figure out how to cut them into smaller parts.

Are these solid pieces or do they have in-fill? My slicer told me it would take 12.5 hours to print the BackSwitch panel. Its been going for 11 hours now and its only at 30% and printing it solid. Just making sure if its a problem with my slicing. Sorry to be a pain. And thanks again.

I printed all the parts except the cradle with 2 outer shells and 15% infill, using a layer height of .2 mm. For the cradle I used 3 shells and 25% infill. I used different settings for the cradle in order to avoid warping from the heat from the Switch itself, but I don't think that's as much of an issue as I initially expected it to be

Okay, I just went one by one and they all fit. Barely. Ill do a test print of the back panel to see if it will print properly on my machine. Thanks for the fast response and offer to help out with splitting the pieces. Ill post the test result here when I have it.

Thanks again!.

Glad to hear they fit! I did try to make them so that they would fit most build platforms, but I'm always open to feedback

Test print of the back piece went well. I just did the math and Im looking at over 100 print hours. Does that sound right, because holy shit!

Thanks for all the help.

I don't think mine took over 100 hours, but it did take a long time! probably just a difference in the speed of the printer itself.

Thank you! I'm glad you like it!

apparently my print area is too small for the sides, if someone could print the sides in red and sell them to me please email me at technician911@yahoo.com with a price,



Have you tried the Cut side parts? The files that begin with "Cut" make the side parts.
If these still don't fit on your platform, I could look into cutting them into even smaller parts.
Let me know if I can help, and thank you for your interest in the design!

Man! this is awesome! you deserve mad props!

Thanks! I'm glad you like it!

Hey there! Which controller is that? Thanks!

This is a splatoon 2 nintendo switch edition pro controller

ninjajp2005 is correct, it is the Splatoon 2 special edition controller.

Im surprised no one asked bu what did you use to model this? Thank you!

I used Solidworks. I'm trying to learn Blender and Rhino as well, but right now most of my modelling is done in Solidworks.

Fantastic design. Thank you. My printer couldn't print grates on the duct. Here's what we made instead.

This is a great revision, for those whose printers struggle with higher resolutions. Thank you!

It's a shame 'cuz yours was BEAUTIFUL. Thanks for the comment. Feel free to add/revise further my .stl to your package if you like.

Did you make a video on how to put this together

I did not make a video, sorry.

If you're using the electronics, the USB-C elbow and the Hub go into the cradle first, with the Retainer to hold the elbow in place. Also insert the dual USB 2.0 Extensions into the Bottom and Front piece.
The Bottom and Front, both Sides, the Cradle, and the Filler all go together at once, with the Bottom and Front, Cradle and Filler fitting into the grooves in the Sides.
Then the Back can be slid into place. I would recommend attaching the Fan and Duct and USB-C Panel Mount cable before sliding the Back into place, if you're using them.
then connect the Extension, Fan, and USB-C Panel Mount into the Hub.

Hope that helps!

Have you had any issues with the USB hub not charging the Switch? Using the exact one you linked to; seems to work fine on my Macbook but when I try to charge the Switch with the same setup, it won't charge. Am I missing something? Thanks!

Edit: Also, should the fan be sucking air out or blowing air in?

Could you send me a picture of how you have the wires connected and routed? I haven't personally had any problem yet. Does the fan operate even without the Switch installed?

Also, I have the fan pulling air into the cabinet, with the idea that hot air will be pushed out of the top. I suspect that there will not be enough heat trapped in the cabinet for it to make much difference, though.

Very weird, seems to be working now! It definitely wasn’t earlier today. :) Must’ve been a software bug with the Switch or something, I double-checked everything. Fan operates fine too, thanks for the reply!!

That is strange, glad it's working though! I have used it a lot and am very happy to hear that it works well for others!

Thanks it helps alot also im printing this on a maker 2+ without modifying the files so are the files properly scaled

Yes, they should all be scaled correctly.

Thanks for the awesome arcade case design. It can be printed on the Anet A8 as long as you rotate the parts in the right way. I am printing it now, will update with pics once I am done with the print.

This looks great! I downloaded the files and noticed that the simple back and simple cradle dimensions look too small. Am I getting it wrong?

I will look into it! Sorry for the inconvenience!

-edit: I have uploaded new versions of the "simple" parts, and they should be scaled correctly

awesome. Thank you so much!

Awesome work. Maybe you can do a version 2 for all the makers with smaller printers. I would love to print it but my A8 only prints up da 220mm. :-((

You can print it on an Anet A8, you just have to rotate the sides to a 45 deg angle on the build plate and stand them on the back end. I am printing them now on mine. Hope this helps. :-)

well ive tried on the anet a8, but without scaling im not able to get the side pieces on the buildplate, shame it would be awsome to print this one.

I have uploaded files for the sides that have been cut in half. you should be able to use the Cradle part to make sure they align correctly when assembling them.

Nice thx, im going to check it out right now.

I will try to cut it into smaller parts, if i have the time! I hadn't really thought about smaller build platforms, thanks for the feedback!

hi, where do i find the smaller parts version?

The four files that start with "Cut" make the sides

Looks awesome! Do you need a big printer for this?

no you can use netfabb basic and just split the part down if you've got a small print bed ,I had to do that as I'm using the cel robox

I printed this using a Makerbot Replicator 2. the build platform is 11.2"L x 6.1"W x 6"H. I required most of that space (except the height), particularly for the sides