Kakashi Anbu Mask Naruto

by Killonious Aug 17, 2017
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Hi, thank for file design. Btw do you have tutorial measure face, so that the mask fits perfectly?

How would you go about sticking both parts

I checked your profile to see if you were selling this mask on ebay and only saw etsy link. I think someone might be selling your mask. Here's the link.


Well I don't know about the etsy post as far as the eBay listing the seller on eBay isn't infringing on the copyright for the mask because he posed the original author and it is listed as commercially sell-able so unless Killonious changes his settings on the CC license he couldn't do anything about it.

Great work! And can you make a Yamato's mask too?

if i print this by half will it be correct size

Hi, do you have to make part one and two, or just the main thing?

how long it takes to print ?

Around 16 hours bought parts

And how do i get the same color and material as the one in the picture please help

Do i have to buy part one and two or just the main thing?

You have to buy nothing it's all there.

No when u go to the website that makes it for you it says part 1 part 2 and then kakashi mask, do i hae to get all three

I am completely new to this sight. Was looking for a legit Kakashi Anbu mask to buy and this is the best I've seen. Is this available for purchase or?? How do I go about buying this? I NEED IT lol

These are STL file to be used with a 3D printer. If you don't have a 3D printer, there are websites that can print this for you

Bro can you print something for me

I assume this will need supports to print?

Yes I would use supports on this model.

I'm interested in seeing if you might consider doing a different type of project than masks. What's the best way to contact you?

You can message me here.

Wanted to know if you'd do an emblem I have. Is there a way to send you pictures?

you can email me at pabstblue@hotmail.com

Just sent you an email, with photos attached. Thanks.

Haven't heard from you. Did you get my email?

Sorry I get so many requests. I got your email. Its the "Information Dominance Corps Warfare Insignia" pin right?

Yes, that's it.

Looks so cool! You should try itachis and yamatos mask

I will look into it.