Magic Dead Whistle (LQ)

by Markellov Aug 17, 2017
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"i didnt try it" why even post an untested design you actual creep

That undoubtedly is the errie and bizarre sound...reminds me of the carnyx good job! Can't wait to print and see

Nice design, but it doens't work like a death whistle ...

Ok wtf! You put on a loincloth and you record yourself pretending to be an aztec aborigin blowing a whistle that doesn´t even work? Congratulations, you made one of those videos that made me think: Enough internet for today

lol it is pretty funny

I can tell by looking at it, that it won't work very well. I've made a couple out of ceramics, and carved one out of wood. As well as made some of the larger gamitaderra. One of the keys is that the diameter of the stem needs to be narrower than the opening of the chamber. You can see how much larger the chamber opening is than the stem in the image of the real one.

It's cool though, I might have to try designing one myself. You can also look at the designs of the Mayan jaguar whistle.

"I did not try it myself." You didn't try it yourself??? So in fact we have no way of knowing if your design even works at all. Why don't you print and test your design!!

It's different!
I like it :)