OpenBuilds® OPEN RAIL™ Open Source Linear Bearing System

by OpenBuilds Jun 13, 2012
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Thank you so much for taking the time to comment jyoungblood0!

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Hello 3DPDude. Your projects sounds exciting and yes, the 20x40 V-Slot Linear Rail would be a great fit!

Hi OpenBuilds!

I am planning to build a huge 3D Printer. I am going to use 2040 V-Slot Aluminum Extrusion (from your store) to make the 1000mm1000mm750mm frame. (I will also be using two vertical lengths of 2080 extrusion to support the frame) Will the 2040 Size be able to support such a size? I think it will, I just wanted to make sure. Thanks for your help in advance!

Hello ose_nathan. Yes, OpenRail is compatible will all sizes of V-Slot.

We wish you the best with your Build and can't wait to see it!

hi everyone, i'm a photographer from indonesia, an i want to make a slider camera use openbuild part. can i ask you something about the plate ?can i use this plate for v slot rail 20 x 40? or anyone have a size i can use for it?thanks before.

Is there any way I can extended multiple short Vslot bars.

Essentially - for instance using (10) 10ft Rails that would be able to break down and store away.

I'd like to make a modular long distance V slot rail - so what i'm asking is...

are there any slot attachments to extend the length of the rail without impinging the rollers ability to travel the entire length of the rail?

Jason, I would not try to use a 3D printed version of the OpenRail™ system for a CNC router as it just will not really stand up the forces. Your best bet would be to grab some inexpensive OpenRail from the OpenBuilds Part Store and then you can mount it anyway you like. This way you are sure to have a precise rail system that will not break or wear down on you.
You can find OpenRail here: http://openbuildspartstore.com/openrail-linear-rail/
Hope this helps, and all the best with your Builds!

Would this work well for a CNC router, more specifically the 'X carve' ?? As I'm building a custom X carve and I really need something that isn't going to break and will be reliable. My 3D printer is tuned really well so the dimensions will be 99.9% accurate and there will be no problems with the fused layers coming apart.

the amount of money, filament and time you would spend printing out open rail, you might as well buy it from Openbuilds for a 100% more reliable and faster solution. In the long run it will be much cheaper than printing. I've used their products on a number of my home machines and I HIGHLY recommend it. They're simply the best!

Thank you for the kind words and support my friend! The entire OpenBuilds community loves to build and it shows though the dedication put into sharing builds with the world! We are honored to be a part of this great group of builders.

Great stuff! High Quality!

Uploaded a DXF file of Open Rail. The hole spacing from center to center is 50mm

We just wanted to do a quick update of Version 1 (rough) drawings for a couple of the OpenRail V Wheel Designs. In addition to the standard Delrin V Wheels, these will also be available. You can see that we have a break on the outside as well as the inside which will allow us to use these wheels on interior v tracks for future design considerations. There is still much work and testing to be done but the prospect of having the choice between metal and plastic v wheels is awesome!

This is a compatibility test between Open Rail and OpenBeam. As you will see, we designed a few examples models to try out and we picked one to build from there. Its working great!


Hey guys,

After doing some searching for different extrusion profiles, we found that by adding an oblong hole pattern to the OpenRail we were able to make the OpenRail compatible with a lot more extrusion profiles out there from many different companies. We only did a few as an example but we are sure there
are more. It looks like all the 20mm and now 25 mm profiles will work! So this is really exciting news for us all. This allows you to use extrusion local to your country as well as give us all a much larger selection of many unique profiles available from lots of different companies out there.

the new file has been added to the downloads above! Looking forward to seeing all the cool creations you guys come up with using Open Rail

Great idea. Joined your kickstarter.

The link to the MISUMI Series 5 extrusion profiles seems to be broken. Only get "404 Page not found".

Thanks for the support jmichalski!

The link should be fixed now thank you

Misumi 5 profiles

The site can be a bit overwhelming to navigate at first but once you get the hang of it its really nice.


Nice work, looking forward to integrating these in some new designs. Should allow for great flexibility.

Now if you can supply these faster than makerslide, you might be on to something ;)

Should be ok with that, since we reached the goal everything above will help to add to the stock. We also hope to see Open Rail being made and or distributed in several different countries as well.

do you think that you can achieve your target of 10-15 usd per meter after kickstarter

We believe that we can. As of now the most expensive part of the process has been the hard-coat. This mainly has to be outsourced. We are still shopping to find the best price without giving up on quality.

Love it, Mark. I told the guys in the local space about it..the hit kickstarter up as well! Good luck!!!

Thanks Tim. We really appreciate it! The support from everyone has really been uplifting and has kindled the fire of creativity.