Hornady Lock n load AP Auto Progessive Press Case Feeder.

by jsondag Aug 18, 2017
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Hey, I'm trying to find the guy who makes the Hornady case feeder. I don't have a printer, nor do I know anyone who does. Can you contact me with details about cost and getting one made. Thank You. Tim

Please send me a private message.

Hey, I'm having issues with the PM system here and getting you paid. What should I do? PayPal is sending me back here to pay you. I'm lost.

Hey, did you get the PM I sent you? I'm not sure I sent it correctly. You should have a PM from me.

Having an issue where the lower slider fails to push the upper slider properly. Instead of moving along the track, the whole system is pushed upwards, bending parts (despire stabailizer being installed into the workbench). Are there solutions to this?

I've never seen, or heard of this. Maybe lubrication, or a lighter spring. Make sure that everything slides smoothly by hand.

I tried sanding down all the moving parts so they are smooth, added lube, and used a spring from the box you linked to.
This is a video of what's happening: https://youtu.be/tswmBXUu8VE

Any other tips?

Also, when the upper slider finally gets pushed in either by my hand or with enough playing with it, it does not line up all the way with the hole; meaning larger casings are stuck in place still. This I imagine I could solve with a spacer or by scaling the part to be longer; but I think it's weird how I seem to be the only person with this issue.

That's strange. What material are you using? Have you tried the version of the slider that takes a bearing at the back?
I did at one point lengthen the slider, it's actually a bit longer than the main body when the holes line up. The mounting to the press can be adjusted so the ramp rides very close to the back of the main body.

This is how it's functioning on mine. Made from PLA+ with super lube grease on the slide. The noise is very exaggerated by my phone's microphone. It slides quite smoothly.

I used regular PLA from hatchbox. If I were to try and reprint this in PLA +, what settings would you recommend for these?

I had used 50% infill previously.

I'm using 3 perimeters and 20% infill for most parts. 35% for the mounting plate with the two slots. Haven't had any of my customers come back with broken parts.

wo kann ich es kaufen?

Bitte senden Sie mir eine private Nachricht.

Please check your private messages. I just messaged you to find out the cost of having you print one of these and ship to me. Thank you.

Hi there, just pm'd you on cost for getting one of these printed and shipped to me. Thanks!

i dont understand the need for a larger tube than the lee tubes? i could see a need for a tube smaller than the lee tube like on their multi tube bullet feeder?

My reason is .458 socom.

Ordered one made by the designer a few weeks ago. Anxious to get it. Can NOT stand the standard Hornady CF. Abomination :)

Just finished printing it and assembling, everything work like a charm, very nice and clever design, I have a question that I can't find the answer anywhere, where and how do you install the pistol washer in the collator to prevent wrong side case? (for 45 acp and 9mm) thank again!

Screw it onto the pistol collator insert, using a 3mm screw through the hole in the center, into the hole in the flat side of the collator insert.

That's what I thought but the washer seems a bit too big to let a case pass trough unless I don't screw it in completely

Have you found a fix for that? I am using the feeder without the collator - so far. But I am curious, if it's worth to try.

I just removed the washer, and it work like a charm for 45 acp and 9mm... :)

Seriously? Haha! The other parts are already in the printing queue. Thank you!

A fantastic design and build with great build quality. Everything went together easily and took minimal fiddling to get working. Construction is solid. Overall great design!

Would like to purchase the Hornady Lock-n-Load case feeder. Will you please an email with the purchase process (how do i buy it from you) info?

Which print orientations do you recommend for each part to minimize support and maximize dimensional fidelity?

They should import into your slicer in the correct orientation.

Great gadget. Could you repost the Fusion 360 files? Everything is way too big unless I am doing something wrong. I'm hoping I can adapt this too a different loader. Thanks

I have sent PM trying to purchase the case feeder. Not sure if PM getting through. Please let me know how I can purchase case feeder from you. Thanks

Anyone have any recommendation to layer height and infill?

Out of four local libraries, where either the printer is down, and two had problems printing the the last two parts I need. The pattern and the upper assembly. What would you charge to print and ship me those two parts?

I have one more question please, i just got done printing all the files but i noticed one last file called "case feeder body" but its in i think a 3d format called .f3d is that a file i also need to print? if so how do i get cura to read it? thanks again!

PLA. If your garage gets to 50-60C where pla gets soft, I don’t recommend working in it.
I’ve never used ABS, PETg is just about as good and much easier to work with if you need the strength and heat resistance.

Ok, thanks a lot for the fast reply i hardly ever load in the heat of the day, i just didn't want any parts to warp while sitting idle in my reloading drawer, PLA it is, thanks again!

what are you guys printing this with PLA or ABS ? my press is outside in my garage and i'm worried my parts may warp in the summer from heat, thanks in advance! and excellent job on this!

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Hey Jeff,
Just got my case feeder. took some filing but now everything is smooth and running great. Do anybody have this set up on an Inline fab mount? How to you attach the bottom stabilizer.

How big of a printer is needed to make all these pieces, what is the size of the largest piece? I am looking into printers and want to make sure I have a large enough print surface.

A 200 x 200 printer will work. The Height of the tallest part was under 90mm.

Are you using imperial units? It’s designed in metric units.

I uploaded the files directly into fusion 360 and my default is mm

Has anyone opened the file in Fusion 360 and noticed the dimensions are huge compared to the actual size they should be? I hope I'm just doing something wrong and any help would be appreciated.

I tried to send a message but Thingiverse website seems a bit buggy so I'm not sure if the message went through. In any case, I just sliced the STL files in Cura and printed from there. The parts turned out pretty good.

Awesome project! Thanks for taking the time do create this and, for sharing with the public. I just have a couple questions for you. About how much (PLA) filiment is used to print this project and, about how much time does it take to print? I’ll be using someone else’s printer and I’ll need to bring my own supplies. Thanks!

The way I print it uses about 400g of filament and takes 25 hours. Your settings may be different and result in different numbers.

This thing is so amazing, I've more than doubled my output. Thank you so much!

What to use as a lube for the moving parts? Graphite power?

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Sent you a message (I think!) not sure if you got it. Looking to get it printed and shipped. Thanks,

this thing is absolutely awesome! i am truly pissed off that thingyverse didn't add a star to this project! #wherethehellareyathingyverse

Very Nice! I'm going to make as soon as my printers get clear!

How do I private message you? I'm very interested in the Hornady LnL case feeder, have no access to a printer and would like info on how to aqire the parts.

Click on my name and then click “message me”

So I have printed most of the parts and I am really impressed with the design so far, everything fits perfectly! I also want to print the case feeder body, but I cannot figure out how to convert it from an .F3D file to an .STL, can anybody help me out here?

Thanks, Dave.

RedV, have you learned how to do the F3D-STL conversion? I just started printing this case feeder today and noticed my Makerbot-Rep 2 can't work a F3D file(I'm pretty new at this). Please let me know if you've figured it out, and I'll start researching it today as well.

STLs are included for everything. The F3D file is simply the source file that makes it easy to modify.

Allrighty, much appreciated!

I was wondering how much you would charge me to print one out?

Hello jsondag

Any chance of me obtaining the CAD files for this? I've got some ideas / changes I would like to make and it sure would be easier if I had the originals. If my ideas are fruitful I'll share them with you and the community of course.


I've just released some updates and a new f3d file for fusion 360. Please forgive the sloppiness and general poor methodology of the file. I made this design without having touched fusion 360, or even having read or watched a single tutorial prior to launching it and just starting to play. Now having learned a moderate amount, I realize how poorly this was done.

Cool, Just downloaded the file. Thanks a bunch. Now I have to learn Fusion 360 as well...lol.
I did get the first rendition up and running and made a short video of it. Not sure where I can post it (here?) for you to see...

You can post as a make.

Jeff Got the parts and couldn't be happier, only one question though, not being familiar with these materials what is a safe lube to use?

I use super lube synthetic grease which Is supposed to be plastic safe.

Anyone figure out how to design the American accurate collator case feeder yet for rifle cases?

It slips right in place of the lee top plate and Shazam! Rifle cases can be fed... I also did a tumble collator/ lower case feeder combo I’ll share them a bit later kind a combo of some stuff from github and here.. anyways, let’s keep up the good work!

How do I private message you? I'm very interested in the Hornady LnL case feeder, have no access to a printer and would like info on how to aqire the parts.

What would the be to print one and have it shipped to 80817

Go ahead and private message me and I'll give you the details. Thanks.

Jsondag, Great design! This is by far the best DIY case feeder that I have seen. I have one question. Why did you decide to place the stabilizer on the bench instead of having another support arm extending from the mounting bracket? Was that just for simplicity or is there another reason?


What glue do you recommend for the dovetails? Want to make sure I use the proper stuff.

Also, how stiff do the springs need to be? I am concerned the one I picked up for the case feed shuttle is too stiff.


I use CA glue (super glue), and a fairly light spring. The spring should only be as strong as it needs to be to push the slider back

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Jsondag, Thanks for making this. Can this be printed on a monoprice select mini? Thank you.

The collator and the larger part with the channel will not fit on the mini. I tried. :-D

As long as each part will fit, it should print on any printer. You can download the STLs and check in your slicer.

Jsondag, hi, I was wondering what kind of charge it would be to have you print these out for me and ship them to 78634? It kills me that hornady is asking a small fortune for the case feeder when you at home can print them out of plastic!

Thanks man, Daniel

JSondag - You have created a very innovative design here! I had an acquaintance print one out for my LNL and after reviewing the images and videos, I am still a bit fuzzy on where the springs, screws and bolts are supposed to go. Your instructions call for two springs, but in the comments you only discuss what appears to be the larger spring that goes on the upper bullet feeding shuttle. Where does the second one go? My guess is the lower shuttle that pushes the case onto the LNL itself, but I am not 100% sure. Though there are not that many screws, its not clear where you want them to go. Same with the bolts. I really don't want to ruin it by improper assembly.

Also, your discussions only go up to a 7mm case. Will your mechanism tolerate a .30-06 case? I wouldn't want to press my luck if it wasn't designed for it.

Any pointers would be very much appreciated. Thanks again for the innovative work!!

Regards, Martinontheroad

P.S. Once I get mine up and running, I'd be happy to put together an assembly guide for you to finalize as you see fit.

The other small spring goes on the top part that the tubes fit into. you place it into the hole on the top, and put an M3 screw in through it, and screw it down to the part that attaches to the main body of the press with the M6 or 1/4" bolt. The spring allows the part to rotate, while still allowing it to rise up over the four bumps that index it. Screw it down just far enough that it can still lift against the spring to turn.
.30-06 is smaller than 7mm Magnum, by a decent margin, and should be fine.

I'll try to get some more photos to illustrate things better, when I get a chance.

Thanks, this makes perfect sense. I was 'way off in thinking it was pushing the case onto the LNL plate. I am busy accumulating the proper screws and springs. Once I get them and get it assembled, I'd be happy to take pics and provide a draft assembly guide for you to use and modify as you see fit. Have a great weekend!


Please send me a private message, thanks.

Would normal PLA work for this? Seems like just moving parts or will the lube break the parts down? Anyone that has used PLA how is it standing up?

Should be fine. I'm using eSun PLA+ now for printing these. It's tougher, and has a slight bit of give before it breaks, It's similar to PETG but without the temperature resistance, which isn't needed here. normal PLA is likely just fine. I know others have used it.

Thanks for fast response. I will let you know how it works out.

does anyone have a pic of where the springs go?

I'm looking for recommendations for material to print these on. I'm new to printing and was thinking Nylon would be best because its own self lubricating abilities vs ABS/PLA. I also have my loader in the garage, so the temperatures can reach 100f during the summer. I have a Tevo Tarantula with the special extrudes and heated bed, so any material should be an option for me. Seems like ABS, Nylon or PETG are where i'm leaning towards currently.

Anything should be fine. 100f is fine even for pla. You will want to lubricate the sliding parts.

I use petg or pla+ when I print them for people.

I noticed while printing these out that the slider nose is not in the main zip file. I went to the old.zip and found version 2, is this the latest and greatest? So far everything is printing great and fitting well. I first started with nGen material and results were not great, I since switched to eSun PLA + and they look great and fit real well with each other.

Oops. Fixed.

Would love for you to post your make, in the "I made one" Section.


Can you share with us what you use for layer height, infill percentage and shell thickness. I know this will vary by printer but will give us somewhere to start. I am going to print this and will share results.

I use 0.2mm layer height, 20% infill, and 3 shells at .48mm.

This isn't for any specific reason. It's just what I use. I'm sure you could have success with a fairly wide range of settings.

So I have gotten most of everything together but still no idea where the spring is suppose to go

It goes in the hole formed in the back in between the body, and the top slider. Slide the slider on the from the front all the way, insert the spring, then screw in the M4 screw in the top slider, and maker sure that the spring is pushed behind the screw. It causes the top slider to return to the rear when not being pushed forward by the ramp on the bottom slider.

Just receive the print parts I ordered. Need sanding in order for them to assemble/fit properly. As soon it is ready I post the photos.

You wouldn't happen to have a change log would you? I'm about half way through printing the files posted before today.

Change log is on the bottom of the description.
Just changes that minimize corner bulging by putting tiny fillets on corners where fitment is important. It may save some sanding or trimming on some printers. I've been printing this for people so this lets things go together slightly better for me. I'm printing on two very different printers and one bulges corners if I print very fast.

Don't have a 3d printer but looking to buy. This will be a time and money saver

I can sell you one if you'd like. I'm now charging $80 plus actual shipping. Shipping is around $10 to anywhere in the US. You can use the PayPal link at the top of the description.

This is great. Thank You. It was my first project with 3d printing and it worked out well. I had to do quite a bit of filing, but that was probably me learning how 3d printing worked.

When I get it all put together on my press it would not cycle, it was jamming up. I sprayed a bit of case lube on the pattern piece and viola it cycled perfectly.

The only thing I still struggle with a bit is the tubes at the bottom of the tube holders. Adjusting those is a little tricky but very minor, overall I couldn't be happier.

I printed before you added the lee tube holder, that is another nice addition

Great work!!

Jsondag - Thank you, i really appreciate your work!
Before printing it out, I want to double check: the measures are in mm? (not inch?)
Best wishes!

Yes. I don't use inches for anything, when I can help it.

When we finally abolish the imperial system, I will not mourn its death. :-)

Jsondag - thank you for the design. I do have a question for you though - is there a trick that you found to getting everything into position together on the press? I’ve attached it and have had to reprint a couple of parts on a couple of occasions as I’m having problems getting everything lined up correctly with the support mount screwed in the correct position on the bench.

Jsondag, great project. It is what I was looking for. I am trying to find someone here in my country that offers printing service for a reasonable price. Tough job. It is being more expensive than Hornady's. Do you know or recommend any services in USA that would ship to Brazil?

Jsondag - great project. Thank you for your hard work on this. I just finished my prints so im excited to try it (just waiting on the hardware). I do have a question though. Is there an insert or an adapter set in order for this to work with 223 cases...or does it even need it?

It should work fine with .223. Just cut your insert tubes to a length that accommodates them. The rifle collator insert works with .223

Super happy! Big thanks to Jsondag for printing it out. Worth every penny. I installed the finished product last night and it works like a dream. I used a different collator (american accurate) with the lee tubes. I also added a bullet feeder using a hornady bullet feeder die, a bully adapter and the lee multi-tube feeder to have a pseudo ammo plant. For the 3D print case feeder, I did add a piece of lee tubing between the part B tube holder and the 50% tubing when loading .45 ACP cases. Had an issue of them not stacking well and falling out when the top slider was in motion. Overall, Incredible design! Thanks again Jsondag, good work! Total game changer!

Yeah, I did the same thing for 9mm cases. I make the half tube so tall because I also load 7mm Rem Mag, and .308

Tried using the apps , none work. Will be happy to pay you to print me one.
If you are interested shoot me an email to randyc0142@gmail

I would like to buy one of your case feeder. What do I need to do to get one?


Love the design! I'm going to print one, but I have a question. Can you upload an STL of the "Case_feeder_body"? you have it as an f3d file.


I just uploaded new files with a tolerance on the dovetails. I'd suggest using those.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing your design!

The .f3d is the design file for the whole thing. All the parts are individual STLs

oh sweet! I use solidworks for my designs; I will have to get at least a trial of Autodesk Fusion to have a lookey :) I appreciate the response and I will post some pics when I get this put together and installed.

jsondag, great design man. just finished printing it. $5 in screws and springs. i do have a question about the tubing do yo need both? im a little fuzzy on which tubing is for what and where it goes, can you elaborate?

You pretty much just need the 5/18 tubing I linked. I used a small piece of Lee tubing I had as an insert to allow me to go anywhere from 9mm to 7mm mag without adjustment. You need a ~42mm piece inserted into The main body that fits between the body and the press plate to prevent small cases from falling out when they get pushed forward. Chamfer the top of the tubes like a funnel so cases down catch...

I also lined the hole of the top slider with a short tube. Also chamfered. Just prevents not pushing the case far enough forward to match the tube in the main body.

You need another piece that fits in the part b of the tube holder, but has the front 50% of the tube cut off. This needs to just just longer than the length of your longest case minus the thickness of the top slider. It prevents the case from sliding back with the top slider so it will fall in the hole.

I'll post some pictures of that. I'm making on for someone which I should have done in a day or two. And I'll take pics and possibly video of assembly.

very kool. i printed mine on a maker select plus out of hatchbox pla. the dovetails were a little tight and the rifle colator part wont fit in the funnel, but the pistol one fit perfectly. i post up some pics when im finished assembling mine. thanx again for the design. this print alone basically paid for my printer.

Good to hear it.
Odd that the rifle one didn't fit. Might need some sanding. They're the same size. Do to geometry though they print with different faces down. And you need support for the rifle insert. All the parts parts should be printed in the orientation they import as. I should add a guide on print settings. When to use supports etc

I printed mine in petg though pla is likely ok as well.

I just stumbled onto this. I already downloaded it but may wait to print it. We have a Prusa i3 X that prints pretty well but we also have a new CR-10 on it's way. I think I'll try this one on the new printer so I can see how those dove tails work out. I also can't bring myself to buy the Hornady shell feeder accessory at the prices they want but will most certainly give this a try. Even if I were to wear them out it's easy enough to print another one. I think we have a bunch of PLA in the shop too so I'll try that first...

I wonder how hard it would be to draw up bullet feeder dies? Once a die is done you should only need to resize the hole for the various calibers right? And it figures, I gave away a new bullet die a few months ago that could have been used to work up a new STL. :(

I have pistol feeders. I don't think the collet style of those is well suited to plastic.
The rifle style feeder might work, as it works in much the same way as the case feeder, in that it has a part that slides a bullet from a tube. That could work. I've thought about giving it a go, but it's probably going to be a little while.

I have new versions of the dovetailed pieces of this case feeder with a bit of tolerance, and I made it parameteric, so I can change it. As soon as I've printed it and tested it out, I'll upload versions with some tolerance.

Exactly what I was looking for! Drastic improvement from all of the homemade youtube attempts. Spent the last couple of days scheming how to make one out of cabinet drawer slide, angle iron, etc. This is 10x better. Thank you for making and sharing!

Thanks. Let me know how you get on with the tolerances, or lack thereof. I've printed a couple for other people who saw my videos, and the small dovetails needed to be filed a bit (partly because my home built outsized prusa i3 (300x300x300) has heavy axes, and produces a decent bit of ringing.

I think I need to make a version with tolerances on the dovetails

If you do make, I'd like you to go ahead and hit the "I made one" button, and drop in some pics so I can see others getting use out of my efforts. Thanks.

How much are you charging for a print?

Comments deleted.

Very Reasonable! I will be getting a hold of you via PM. Thanks again!

Do you have a better picture or video of how everything is suppose to go together?

I'll try to get around to making one soon.

Printed and its working. thanks!

Sweet! Can't wait to try it out.

If you do, please post a make of it. I'd love to see someone else using my design.

I would love to purchase one of these if your interested in making one for me?