Fibonacci Vase - with base/bottom

by _Toti_ Aug 19, 2017
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I have a problem in the generation of the gcode file. In the preview of CURA, a straight line appears that spoils the impression. I do not know how to correct it. I try to change the position of the object in cure, but at the moment of segmenting, that line always appears.

Because I couldn't find a "real" problem with the mesh (see picture) I just remeshed the file and cut a bit of the bottom, what I wanted to do for a long time. I hope it'll work for you. If not, I'm really sorry, but this is a remix and I don't own the original .cad-file of the vases body so I can't do more than manipulating the .stl.
Maybe another way to fix it, could be to rescale the vase in X- and Y- axis.

Could you please reply in which layer you got that line?

Mhm... up to now I didn't realise this problem. I'll see what I can do. Just wait a second.

I'm using layers of 0.4. the layer where the line appears changes. First in layer 225, then I rotated the stl to segment it in another position and the line appeared in lancapa 224. When repeating this turn, the line appears in layer 227. This line always appears and spoils the impression. It is a very beautiful jarron

Like I wrote 12 hours ago I already have uploaded a new (remeshed) file. Does it work for you? If not I'm really sorry because I can't reproduce your error (using Cura 4.0.0)

Hi, I'm going to download the new file and test how it works.

The change in the first layer is a good improvement, but the problem persists. In addition, a new error appears in the last layer.

The errors in the last layer appeared because the layer isn't a closed circle anymore. I fixed this by cutting a bit of the top of the vase (File version 3 is uploaded). But however I couldn't reproduce your error in layer 255 (or any layer nearby) - see the attachments. Maybe you could print the vase without spiralize mode and the errors are gone? If not, I'm really sorry but then I can't do anything for you because like already said I don't own the original cad-part.

Greetings and have a nice evening

I am getting a message to reduce polygons.is there an easy way to do this?

cant generate a preview to see how long the print will take and how much material

Sorry for reacting that late, i just forgot your comment. I don't know why you get such a message. Which Slicer are you using? An easy way reducing Poligons is yousing meshmixer (free software) - easy Instrcution can be found here: https://re3d.org/reduce-stl-triangles-using-autodesk-meshmixer/
With "spiralize outer corner", "vase-mode" or how ever you'd like to call it and 0.2mm layer high my slicer says, that it would take round about 11 hours. But that says nothing because it's everything about your jerk, acceleration and speed settings.