CR 10 BED camera mount , c270,action cam, gopro, picam

by RaffoSan Aug 19, 2017
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anyone know how i could get a Wyzecam to work with this mount?

I made a mod for this to use with the TH3D solid bed mounts and EZABL auto leveler. I'll post theḿ here if someone is interested.
Also, thanks @RaffoSan for this fantastic mod!

I would be very interested, as I have that exact setup.

I have made it available here:


Hope you find it useful!

CR 10 BED camera right mount for TH3D solid mounts
by lugiber

Anyone have a picam rev2.1 mount for this?

Any chance for a modded version to fit Geeetech A30?

hi, sorry I dont have that printer at the lab, so without a good cad file of the bed is pretty impossible to make a good mount

Does anyone know if the bed mount works on a CR-10S as well?

II dont think there are differences on the standard cr10 and cr10s , should work :)

Does this mount work with the Tevo Tornado as well?

cant say, depends on the metal plate under the bed, if differs just of a bit maybe it can work, but if is different will nto work

I printed this piece for the bed mount but im confused as to where exactly on the bed does it attach to? Can we get an underside picture of the bed? Thanks

Just scroll down, u will find a make with detailed pictures

I made a support for the C270 that doesn't need take apart the camera just few zip ties.

I really like your camera support its very stable and doesn't mess with the bed leveling, you may find this useful this bracket, thanks for the design.

STL for both sides.

u can also add as remix the original thread https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2477180 , have to admit didnt expected so many remix :D

T-slot V-slot Universal camera mount :CR10, tevo tornado, ender 3 logitech c270 c920, picamera, gopro, action camera , prusa mk3, others UPDATE14/08

hi :), feel free to post a remix for ur adapter, users will find it easier :)

Anyone knows how to remove the webcam from it's base so I can mount it on the printed part?
Thought it would be a pin or something... don't want to break it..

if I remember right the c270 has on the back 2 rubber covers, remove that should be a bolt

Is this also compitabel with an ender 3?


Check the remixes or my profile, I've made a version for the ender 3

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Awesome, works really nice!

Are there any plans to add an ender 3 Version of this?

Hi Ledsi, I was to say I can't cose I don't have an ender 3, but rememberednthat now is open source so I have the files, if u can provide me a few photos of how is it mounted on the printer I can arrange a project, just simple photos, u don't have to tear down nothing

Thanks you for your work. I use this mount to make timelapses of my prints.
But some blur appear in timelapses, certainly due to some trembling when the bed is moving.

I'm trying to find a way to add some shock absorber but I'm a out of idea.
Using a string stretched between the base and the cam support seems to not being effective ! :D

If someone have an idea. :)

there is an user that used the mount on two sides, and reduced the problem, check in the other makes of it

Excellent mount! Exactly what I was needing for my c270. Thank you for the time you put into designing this!!!!

Thanks so much, printed it and it works fantastic!

Very solid design.

Nice work! Now I just need to change this to suit my phone :)

Not compatible with the cr10-mini :/

looking at the comments maybe I'll put a disclaimer in the description maybe in CAPs

looking at the comments maybe I'll put a disclaimer in the description maybe in CAPs

I should read the comments before printing. It could on the roller but. Might be able to cut it away slightly

I've just realised the same, after wasting 3h printing the base... :(

Any chance we can get a mount for the s5?

Seconded! The S5 has an aluminum frame under the bed that prevents this mount from being useful.

sometimes I miss comments, anyway I dont think I'll be able to make one for the s5 or other different models qithout the printers to test XD

Okay, I made a remix that works pretty well for me:


Bed Mount for Creality CR10S S5 w/ Aluminum Frame

I'll figure out a solution and share soon!

Great design but you should add a photo with the bottom + left or right piece assembled and another with the mount in place and the bed removed. It really does take a while to figure out where it belongs without photos.

Take a look at my make of this... I took a lot of photos showing exactly how it goes together.


Just scroll to the end of the photos list and swipe left to walk through my installation.

Hope it helps!

CR 10 BED camera mount , c270,action cam, gopro, picam

This mod was a request, I don't use it, I know it's a bit tricky

Love the camera mount! Awesome design thanks for making it and sharing!

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Thanks for this design, it works perfectly for me!

Tips for others:

The four M3 nuts and bolts are for assembling the bottom and left or right pieces, which can slide right into place with the bed screw and spring removed. It didn't really make sense to me until I had the bed off and lined everything up... probably just me being dumb.

M4 x 30 worked perfect for the joints and using lock nuts made it easy to fine tune how easily they move and have them stay that way.

Thanks for the tips, what I have uploaded the file I was a bit in hurry, hope u enjoy my work, if needed I can make modifications and always ready for suggestions

Hey thanks buddy, I am in the middle of printing the T-800 head but this will be my next mission for sure thank you for the efforts. I will post how it turns out.