Swing up LED light for Creality CR 10 and Ender 3

by Caster Aug 20, 2017
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Hi, new at ptinting.......printed all pieces but the beam is longer than my Ender 3 bed.. (235x235) it's out of the plate in CURA and I get an error message.... what should I do?

This was designed for the CR10 with the larger bed but i have added a new STL file so it can be used on the Ender 3.
You need to print it diagonally.

Printing, thank you Caster!

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Great print! I used this on my CR 10S UNTIL I updated my cooling fan set up to the Bulls-eye. Light set up still works great but I cannot put it level to the bed any more. Is there a possibility you would make / modify the arm so that it is taller so that it will clear the larger cooling fan setups. Great project still my favorite LED setp on thingiverse. Posted a couple pics to show what i am talking about.

I think 15mm taller would be better, what do you think?
I'll remix it tonight.

I added the stl file 4 days ago as promised.

THANK YOU! Will post a pic tomorrow.

Sounds great thanks!!! It is such a great project... Adding one to my cr10sPro too.
Lets give it a try.. I will print and let you know how it worked out.

Thanks a million

This is a great design, I'm remixing it to fit the new cover of the cr-10s. I will be posting it in the next few days. Question. What screw did you use for the circular cover over the pivot?

It was a small self tapping screw.

Fantastic design! Thank you!

Hi, I just installed this one and it's great ! I preferred soldering to an USB cable with an on/off switch for more flexibility.
I also just have to screw a little more to get it straight.

Thank you very much for the model !

This cannot be used in the new versions of the CR-10S (and most likely CR-10). The stop switch has the screws inside, the X axis pulley has a new cover. It is the best mount so far, what a shame. Thanks for your work. The new cover is this one: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2835282

X-axis cover for CR-10(S)
by gaugo

New files added to suit the new X cover. I don't have one to test it with. Longer screws may be needed.

I made one based on the original, with a vertical stop, installed with hot glue. Also made an atachment for a 12V car trigger switch. Will test it this weekend and upload the remake. Thanks for your great idea, the best around Thingiverse.

Can someone please make this for a s5? Ill share the beauuty to the world and give you all the credit.

Has anyone tried this for the OEM Fang style fan?

Fantastic work on this. You got the perfect depth on the two mounting holes that go through the X stop switch...very cool. I ran my power all the way back to the power supply in the controller box. This works super well. Thank you so much!

Does this work with octoprint?

Great work. Next step is maybe connecting it to controller box instead of using a adapter. It would be awesome if you cold make a video for this.


Swing up LED light for Creality CR 10 and Ender 3
by DJlNN

Curious, Does this work with the typical Fang style fan setup? is it possible to include the original drawing file too? Other wise great work and thanks for the upload!

The light bar sits just above the standard print head so I imagine it would not have enough clearance for modified ones.
I have uploaded a longer pivot though that brings it another 3/4" forwards so that might work.

Is there anyway you could make the LED Bracket 3/4 inch longer so the pivot is out farther. I have a auto bed level and its in the way.
Thanks If you can do it.

I have added the file for a longer pivot at your request.

Thanks just what I needed. great setup.

The end hangs too low on my printer. Can you alter the stop point so to moves the end up? Also, would be a great addition to add an upper point stop so that when the light is up it cannot fall backward. Otherwise, I love this swing up light.

Just get some pvc tape and make a little pad of the required thickness and stick it to the stop on the fixed pivot part. You can adjust the thickness until it hangs level.
The recess washer should make the beam stay in any position, if it's too loose add a card washer around the fixed pivot.

Very good, how do you plug the led ? external power suply ?

It just needs 12v DC. I used an old power supply from some speakers but you can get a power supply quite cheaply. Look at the video if you have not seen ti.

Thanks very much !