Moai statue -No overhang

by Julien_DaCosta Aug 21, 2017
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anyone print this in vase/spiral mode?

I made a ABS acetone smoothed one and it looks amazing!

Thanks a lot !
i'm a new 3d printer for 1 day ...i tryed this Moai with my Ultimaker 2 extended ,white PLA and cura simple parameters and the print is just perfect !!!

Thx so much for this remix. It prints just perfect and looks just fine when using Cura's fuzzy skin feature. I can't stop printing it :)

@sebmue Excellent job ! Can you share to Fuzzy skin settings you used ? thx

Отличная модель! Печатал и PLA и ABS. Спасибо!

Julien, that looks great! Can you tell me where you got that paint? I can't find it anywhere.

Hi, I bought mine on amazon.fr and you can find it on Amazon.com, something like:

I printed this last night, and it had a weird crosshatch pattern on the exterior surface, almost like it was made of checker-plate Metal. I assumed it was a problem in Cura, since I tend to run rather light on shell width. But I increased my shell width and printed a second one, with identical results. It’s almost like it’s printing the infill structure so that it presses out through the skin just a hair. Just enough to give it texture.

Hi, it either does not like upscaling(a big model, wanted to print it 300mm tall) or it does not like Cura.

Firstly, I have upscaled it to 300mm and had to cancel after 13h of print as there was a massive crack on the height of lips(layers were held together only on his lips rest was detached).

I thought it could be a problem of tangled filament or something that caused under extrusion.

I decided to try once again and scaled it to 240mm tall and again there was a crack on the height of lips. It wasn't as serious as previous one(looks like just outer perimeter didn't lay down).

Printed on Creality CR-10, 0.3mm layer, 0% infill first model with Flashforge White PLA second on Prima Green PLA

I have posted my make so you can see what the issue was

Hi Satania,
Thanks for the feedback. I have double checked the model, no problem with it. I haven't experienced such a problem. If you extend the model maybe can you try to increase temperature (for a better layers adhesion) or reduce the layer height (0.25 for instance).

Alternatively maybe can you try to play with the speed ?

I was thinking it could be a problem of settings/printer itself, but in 2 different sizes(240mm and 300mm), there was a crack as visible in photos I've posted(tiny line of something that looks like under extrusion on the height of lips in both prints it was on the same part of the model). I'll try to print it once I am back from holiday :) So probably mid-September. I'll give you feedback for sure! Maybe that's just a problem of upscaling.

Ok, thanks ! Hope that it will work out.

Très bien fait, pouvez-vous me dire comment vous peindre?

Oui, 2 ou 3 couches de peinture à la bombe (10 ou 15 minutes entre chaque couches) avec une bombe de ce style :

2 or 3 coats of spray paint (10 or 15 minutes between each coats).