by stoempie Aug 21, 2017
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Thanks! Looking at other calibration towers it seems as if people only print with PLA. The ABS and PET towers are greatly appreciated. Very useful indeed.


Could you pls add gcodes for printers with ABL?


u can just ad a G29 in the gcode this must be working ( i think behind the G28)
IS there someone who can confirm this?

Behind the G28 in the gcode

I added:

G1 E-7 F500 ;retract fillement 7MM
G29 ; Level bed


Yes its working, I sorted the gcode before printing but the reason for my comment was because there are some folks who doesn't know how to edit gcodes.

Many thanks

Comments deleted.

Love this, I'm brand new like 5 days and this is really helpful. The gcode download helped me a lot. Thank you... I tipped because it's useful and worth paying something for.

nice to here you like the file and thx for the tip!


thanks for the files.
I printed the PLA Tower via the gcode file and all my layer look exactly the same trough all the segments.
Is that a good thing?

Some PLA's have a lage temp tolerance but you should see some difference in it .

I see you have a "settings" zip for all the filaments besides ABS. I actually printed the temp tower pretty well with your gcode but my settings make my prints come out different. Is it possible for you to share your ABS settings with us?
Thank you!

Will do that when back home and have some time to spare.

ABS setting added.

Thanks for the files and facts. That will help a lot in the beginning.

hi , what is you're speed for the petg gcode tower ?

Petg would be 40/sec for me most of the time

What are the feed/flow rates for PLA?

Can you post the gcode for the TPU temp tower from 205 to 245?

Thanks in advance.

Not having that one extra wipe at the side of the bed really makes it tough to make this work flawlessly, at least on mine i had to extrude manually just a bit first, heating it to 220C pretty much empties the nozzle...

you can try to preheat the bed prior to print then the nozzle would not be to long before printing on that temp ?

I load the 180-220_PLA_Temp_calibration.gcode stright to my CR-10s and I got the best print ever... shame that you dont use CURA a profile would be appreciate :D

i'm working with S3d but i'm testing with cura but also my prints doest come oute as good as with S3d but i'm getting there in the future ;-)

i work with s3d and its the better print i have made, can you share your profile please ?

So I used the PETG gcode file. The extruder backed out all of my filament and kept running and running and running. After 10 minutes I decided it was never going to work.

had that comment before and that was becouse the printer the used didnt use merlin firmware maybe the same with you ?

Nope. Merlin. Stock Creality Ender 3

Hi I'm trying to do this but can someone tell me what layers and temperatures I need to set it to
I'm new to doing this

have you watch the movie ?it explain eveything i think?

I was curious if you had setting for Cura? I found your settings min the file; however, not in a Cura setup! When I print with your GCode it prints out very well! When I load it into Cura and you my setting, well, not so much! I've got the temperatures at levels setup without issue!

cant you put the settings from my S3d settings not in curo i dont use cura myself.

Some settings work, others I have no idea!

Loading the 190-230 gcode directly into Octoprint, my bottom layer is printed @ 200 deg. Am I missing something?

Excuse my ignorance, but do you just open the gcode file in a slicer (I used Cura) then print?? Or do you have to change anything?
Also, what speed is it in the gcode?

Which Slicer did you use?

what retraction setting on your gcode? thx very much

the 34 between each layer is not working for me for some reason, it looks like about 45? I was printing the 220-180 and by the time I noticed it, I was showing 185deg half way through the 195 block ? layer height is set at .2 initial layer .26 it is showing 406 layers in layer view

Any plans to add this to Customizer?

Was ready to use big hammer on my Anycubic I3 with my so bad print results. I used your settings for PLA and bang ! all is printing like a charm. Very usefull gcode for testing temperature, bridges and retraction. Thank you my friend !!!

thanks, nice to hear that it helped you.


do you have any project file that is supported by Fusion 360?

in this files there is a virus .. be careful

i think you have a overworked anti virus give him a rest ....

There are no executable files in this, how can there be a virus?

Hello, nice work. Do you have some results of the different filaments? Would be nice to know.

i dont at the moment, but there are makes of other users to see.

i tried the "170-220_TPU_Temp_Tower.gcode" G-Code-File, but it seems to be a little bit buggie :-( ...Sorry!
The print comes out as it is shown in the preview. ...Have a look.

dont nitice that on my prints, so i geus you neet to make your own G-code File for your printer?

Did you print this with drafts or a brim? Also do you have a Cura 15 profile for this? Chants seem to be able to load the gcode for the 180-220 pla into cura 15.04.6.

i use a brimm of 4mm

Why doesn't the temp change - even after I put in the scripts like it shows in the video?? I'm using Cura & a Prusa Mk3

Sorry canot help u on that i'm using S3D

Same issue here. Cura 3.6 / Tevo Tarantula running Marlin 2.x firmware.

what goes wrong?

I have adjusted the settings with the temperature at the correct layer height.
I also see on the 3D printer that the temperature is constantly being adjusted
but it does not seem to be a difference between the different temperatures
the only thing I can see of difference is that at the higher temperature the PLA is slightly more shiny
and at the lowest temerature it is less bright

I have all settings taken over, and set all settings such as speed, temperature, density etc.

what goes wrong?
please advice.......


I think I found the cause.
as it looks now, the nozzle is leaking, the filament comes out along the thread.
as a result, extra threads of filament are added.
tomorrow I try again and see if this is the cause


problem solved!!

I found the cause.
the nozzle was leaking, the filament comes out along the thread.
as a result, extra threads of filament are added.
I replaced the compete printhead with a new one. ( see photo, left: new print head - right: old leaking print head)


hey so when I put the tower in 107-210 cura is only showing 311, lines, any idea why?

this is my first time and i will print this temp tower in the next few days. i take the setting from you for my Creality CR-10S and i use simplify3D. when i get to the simulation i will have a printing time of 30h for this tower. is this normal???

30 is to much, i think you need to see your settings and play with the speed for layers below 15sec

No. Takes ~1.5 hours.


thanks. i appreciate your work very well

the TPU tower gcode works fine for my Anet A8 with PETG.

with the PETG tower I had at any temperature strings

can you please provide the settings for that TPU tower?

TPU profile Added!
Can be some different but this is my current profile.

Hey, im very new to this. opened file in cura, adjusted the change in temps triggers, lowered speed from 60 (default) to 40. I am on an Ender 3. As you can see in the picture, it is making a valley in the previous layers. I have leveled it with paper till it lightly rubs, i have no idea what im doing wrong. any idea?

On my ender 3, I have to level the bed, while it is hot, at about 50-60 °C (be carefull not to burn yourself). When I level it at ambient temps, the bed seems to be closer to the nozzle.
Well, in addition, I switched to a glas printing surface and I am using a glue stick.

i have take a look at it but i think its over extrusion is it print good on other parts?

no. similar results when running the preloaded tetdog.gcode. how do i limit the extrusion? im using the default nozzle and .4 nozzle size in cura, and 40 for speed in cura.

could u pleaze give me the petg profil? its damn perfekt for my printer

Comments deleted.

Please specify the gcode flavour you use.

Reprap (Marlin/Sprinter)

Thanks, then I can't use the gcode file, good to know

I have the issue of the retraction with no stop what should I do?

then i guess that your printer is not compatible with the provided Gcode and you need to make one yourself ( See the movie that was added).
OR you can manually delete the line that does the retraction.

Started printing the tower, got to 195 with no problems. When it tried to print the 190 level, it fouled up. Started printing in midair. printed on Prusa i3 Mk3, printer is running on software version 3.4.0-1327.

Slicer problem or gcode incompatible.

Started printing the tower, got to 195 with no problems. When it tried to print the 190 level, it fouled up. Started printing in midair. printed on Prusa i3 Mk3, printer is running on software version 3.4.0-1327.

Should it be printed with or without supports?

No supports.

Alright. Thanks

My PLA result here obviously shows me that temperature has about nothing to do with my major problem. I get lines or blobs on the outside perimeter but it seems to be a pattern. That likely rules out cheap plastic being the issue also since it would be more random. Any ideas?

My guess its a combination of slight overextrusion, and not enough retraction distance/speed.Possibly speeding up the non-printing movements, but I think the first two could fix it. I theorize that those outer perimeter lumps are resulted from filament that oozed out while the print-head did a non printing move between the two towers. The lines may be caused by the filament pressure re-equalizing after the retraction. tweak retraction speed and distance settings and good luck!

Terrible start code... thanks for the dimple burnt in my build mat! That string monster start code plan is TERRIBLE!

28/09/2017 Personal Gcode added (no self level)
there it is "no self level" you need to set that in it for your printer not every start code is the same for every printer.

I hear ya, just was upset a 2 day old build mat got messed up when cancelling with the tip at 260C. Ill be taking your stl and adapting my own gcode for this testing. So thanks for the idea and model. Fault was obviously mine for not reading the details. I thought this was the same set I used for this test with petg, which didn't ruin my build mat with a dimple in the middle after snowballing string monster. Sorry I was rude

No problem mate! , i do my best to help anyone with a problem but i'm no professional i just do this for a hobby, i'm sorry to hear that your build is messed up. just added a movie (By TechnoGeek 3D) that explain well how to create your own Gcode its best to create your own for every printer.

I ran the g-code (170-210 PLA). Printer homes, lifts Z and then retracts....and keeps retracting...well over 20cm retracted and I gave up on it. Running a Sunhokey Prusa i3 and used your PLA pre-generated g-code. Any ideas?

i have test the gcode file and it prints fine on my I3. if its not on your printer then the start code is not compatible with your printer, and you need to make your own gcode with the STL file. you can copy my settings from the other files

Thanks for making these! Could you make one for Ninjaflex/TPU from 210C to 240C?

Or better yet - could you write a short how-to for making and modifying these temp towers gcode files? I.e which code lines to modify to make it switch temperatures.

Thanks again!

you can open the Gcode with any text editor and find "temperatureSetpointTemperatures," then find the layers and there you find the M104 this is the temp setting S*** will be the temp or you can seek for the S210 for 210degree and change there

hope you can find it, i will do a temp tower you ask for but it will take a couple days to buzzy now.

hey, thanks for this file! i was wondering if you can give me your retraction settings,i tried for so long to find my ideal retraction settings and i didn't find them... but this file had no ooze at all, so you would really help me SO much if you coult give me the retraction settings of this file.(i printed the 230-190 pla file)

the setting from this file is in this zip file https://www.thingiverse.com/download:4947537

blijkt dat je nederlands bent,bedankt, nu aan het testen!

Klopt van België ;-)

retraction setting werkte goed! enkel komt er nu een blob bij elke retraction die gebeurt,die nog ff wegwerken en het is optimaal! ik ook van belgie trouwens!

When I load the gcode file for PETG directly to the printer, the print won't start. Are there some settings I have to adjust, before I load your Gcode file for printing?

Comments deleted.

some printers need to level and homing first this is not in the gcode

The gcode printed fine on my CR-10S. I have a MicroSwiss hot end and direct drive mods. The tower told me my hatchbox white PLA likes 195 degrees and that the colder it got the more stringing I had. I didn't expect to see as much stringing as I did, and honestly I expected it more hot than cold.

Thanks, all the various filaments will come in handy down the road.

Did you print the Gcode file directly from the printer, or did you have to change some of the settle in a slicer, before printing?

I printed the Gcode directly. No modifications.

Can anyone explain to me why, after this test, they all still look the same??
I can't tell any difference between temperature layers.....same stringing etc.
The lowest temp 2 or 3 are a little weaker and I could snap them off with my hands but otherwise....
I'll try it once more because I have light wispy stringing that won't go away no matter what anyway. Been working on that issue for 5 days now and I've tried everything I could find in my Google results. I was hoping this could give me some kind of new starting point to work from but I can't see a difference.

Forget it.....my fan speed was at 100%. Put it back to my old 35% and the stringing is gone.

we need more info, material does the temprature changes, retraction ..... a pic would be nice to ?

I tested the Gcode for 180-220 and it worked perfectly.

You listed a PLA settings folder with screenshots but some of them are wrong.
Extruder file is showing Layer tab.
Layer is showing Additions.

I really really really wanna see the EXTRUDER screenshot for your PLA setting please.

File is updated

Layer settings says ABS for the screenshot of layer.
Can I see the one for PLA (Layer)?

Its the same on all my profiles i change sometime the perimeters but mostly its just standard.

Hi do you have PLA 180-220?

I tested the Gcode for 180-220 and it worked perfectly.

You listed a PLA settings folder with screenshots but some of them are wrong.
Extruder file is showing Layer tab.
Layer is showing Additions.

I really really really wanna see the EXTRUDER screenshot for your PLA setting please.

File updated.

thanks a lot! Could you also please upload your gcode for the 190-230 pla temp tower if that is possible?

Hi thanks for this awsome upload can i get you to upload your settings for pla because this was a perfect sliced gcode for my tevo the pla was perfect printed!!!!

i added my current settings for PLA

could you make different towers for PLA?

My filament has a range from 190-230 and is recommended for 210.
The PLA tower doesn't really do it for me with the temps that are on it.

I did my settings 20 degrees higher, so 170 on the tower is 190 then. Around 200 seems to be the sweet spot.

Anyone tried the gcode on a Prusa mk2??

FYI on my CR-10 I tried to run your PLA gcode...but it retracted the filament before starting =O Feature or a bug?
Either way, I watched the video and used Cura to slice the STL myself using the Tweak Z feature. Awesome.

BTW, I have some PLA rolls that say to print between 205-225. Could you post the Fusion file so I could add a few layers? I still trying to get used to Fusion so it would be a good learning experience for me. Thanks for all the work and for sharing!

ABS temp tower

It retracks befor the home probing an then its prime befor print starting.

Thanks for the files. If i add G29 below G28, would that add auto bed level or do i need further modifications to the code?

Yep that will do the job

thanks!, i'll try it

printed your gcode and the results are very good.

Would you mind sharing your settings for Pla?

here you go my latest PLA settings

can I safely run the gcode on my A8 without any modifications?
I wanna try different temps for PLA, 0.4 nozzle..

normaly you should , but see that your bed is level.

I ran the PLA tower on my Hictop 3dp18 last night. Used the included gCode without alteration and it worked well. That's for doing this for the community. I'm definitely going to be doing this for each of my materials. Awesome way to get real understanding of each material without playing "guess and by-golly" using other models you have laying around.

what are the layers I should set?

Could you produce a gcode for petg in a .6 nozzle diameter? I would but I have Cura and cant do temp changes at layers

i dont know your settings so try to make your own with your settings.

Look to this movie to do it in cura.


Hi mate, can you make a bigger sized one?
Kinda hard to tell any difference at this size (Referring to transparent and white filament)

I could but you can just scale it in the slicer software also?

Will that maintain the coding to have it print at different temps?

You will need to change them in your slicer ( i use S3D)

excellent tool.
thanks for publishing it

I can see both G codes and STL Files.
Are the G Codes ready to use?
Or do they need some modifications

those are the files that i have used no auto bed level

Could you upload your printing speeds and retraction settings used in ready gcodes?

Print speed 60m/s just TPU 30m/S
Retraction 2mm
retraction speed 40 m/s
coast 0.20mm

Will do a new test with the new printen and will let you now the settings of that when done.

can you make a gcode for tpu? im having serious stringing issues lol. messing with temp manually and retraction speed for this print. unless this print is just bad for tpu since bridge is so far?

no problem with TPU just the bridge is not so strong

This i my Gcode for TPU and it works well for me but every printer is diffirent my Tronxy prints with higher temps than my Mk2


Ok thank you. I jave anet a8 with just x and y tensioners. I left a phone case printing in tpu and hope to find it ok when i get back home.

PETG G-code worked perfectly without modification on Tevo Tarantula i3

Thanks... For Nothing :P Stock TEVO won't go above 250.

kannst du einstellungen in s3d für den petg temptower posten oder schicken ?

hab den temptower gedruckt und der sieht bei 230 crad echt super aus kein stringing und absolut sauber ! ich versuche s3d seit 3 tagen so einzustellen das ich das gleiche ergebniss habe ich bekomme es einfach nicht hin und deine einstellungen kann ich nicht einsehen ! MFG

i do not understand what you say but ill give it a try, most of the settings are standard i add a rar file with pics of my settings for you


Hello, i can not open the rar file. can you send me the pictures on an other way? that would be fantastic!

Wanted to write my own g-code with my printer settings. Do you know how high is each layer for the temperature changes? like is it every 50 mm?

First Block is 1.6mm ( first temp block) then every 6.8mm another temp block

...but 6.8*9 + 1.6 = 62.8 mm, and the file is 62.2 mm high.

ThanksI If anyone is lazy and doesn't want to do do the math. At a .2mm layer height. The first block would be 8 and then increments of 34 layers for each temp change.

can you list all the layers + temp?

e.g. 1 - 25 = 190

I still don't understand

Hey, HouseMonsters is correct, but I'll attach a screenshot of my settings - that way you can see the layers and temperatures for a 0.2mm layer height.

How fast is your nozzle reaching the required temp?
Layer 1 240C the on layer 9 you want 260C, Mine will take a bunch of layers to reach this.

Can't we create something like a prime pillar and a M400 command to wait for the temp?

I edited the Gcode file and added "M109 R### T0" after eacht temperature change and used a prime pillar, I will see how this goes.

The base of the tower is not part of temp range. So you need to set a first temperature from layer 1-42 then change temp increments 5 degrees every 34 layers. The temp ranges changes based on material. I try to use the tower only in the range the filament suggests. Otherwise you can clog your nozzel if you go too cold. It should be easy to do this in simplify3d

if a create the gcode out of cura or slic3r I am expected to modify the g-code manually,right?
Can someone please explain or put a link?
Thank you very much

Hey created mine in S3d i will add mine Gcode

The best temperature towers I found. For all materials and perfect temperature range.

Thanks, if needed other just post a comment what you want and ill will add it as quick as possible.

I'm using an old cura app 15.04 I'm having a hell time generating my g code. my laptop doesnt have the equipment to run anything newer can you post a g code script so I can copy and paste for what ever reason I can't import the g.code provided in the download . thanks in advance

Dont realy now what you want but you can open the Gcode file in a text editor and then ad or take what you need ?