CR-10 heatbed cable guide

by qdiiibp Aug 21, 2017
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This is not a sustainable design for this part:

The cable still has a chance to get stuck.
The cable is loaded sideways and relies on bending it. This is VERY bad failure point, the little clip printed for strain relief does nothing, most likely it makes things worse.
The cable slides against the plastic.

This is like a quick fix that actually doesn't fix the problem but replaces the old flaws with new ones. I do not recommend anyone uses this. Neat idea but the designer does not work with cables and don't know how they wear. There is a reason why you can't see cable guides like this in the wild. Most likely this will work for years and then you have a broken wire. This WILL break the cable at some point, it just might take ten years or 6 months.

If you are in a hurry and don't want to print chains: sure, print this and use it until you can print something better.

I have the same Problem as davidkatz with S3D, your Version 3 works fine! :)

Added a fix version perfect mesh and nurbs model for changing.
Version III has also fix model.
Sorry all for broken prints, first version sliced fine for me.

When I slice it in S3D, part of it prints in the air, and is missing a section. Did I do something wrong? The part that is missing, failed on my print and broke off.

Hello, it sliced and printed fine for me with cura, may be there is an error in the mesh not slicing well with your slic3r settings.
Please try cura or version 2 or 3 of the guide. I can not garant it will slice perfect with any slicer and settings.

Ok, I'll try that. Let you know how it goes!

Fit great and what I was looking for. Was afraid of that cord getting caught on the frame, this eases my mind. Thanks!