Led light strip for Anycubic i3 Mega

by masher55 Aug 22, 2017
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I'm just learning, as I this is my first printer and I got it a week ago, but my boss is old-hat at this, so he's a good reference. He's got me the idea of eventually doing a raspberry pi 4 to run Octoprint with a pi camera. Wonder if I could power/control these LED strips through that.

Hey @masher55... printed dıfferent versions from your scratch. Altough you do not need 80% infill. way to much for pla. i used only 10% infill. it just takes me 45 min for 1 piece. so approx. 3 h for 6 pieces ..... yaaaaaay

works and snaps on perfect. i will soon put some pictures from your version (upgraded). the self adhesive leds dont seem to stick properly on the surface. therefore i am creating some support to push the leds insight so the light shines in only one direction and not in your face when youre looking at your prints. anyway awesome idea from you ... thanks a lot :)

Just printed for my new ANYCUBIC and it's awesome. Thanks man :)

I just printed these as suggested and they all snapped when I pushed them on the frame... I will end up using a double sided tape to hold them to the frame and put the LED strip on top .. .

Same happened with my print... They broke when pushing it on the frame. Maybe a bit scaling up will help. But as i need light mounting now i will also mount it with double side tape...

I ended up using double sided tape too and it holds way better

Great idea but too little info, what LED strips are you using, how did you attach to the printer?

Hey sundance2017,

I think he has connected the LEDs to a separate power supply.
This has nothing to do with the power adapter of the 3d printer.
But if you want to connect the LEDs to the 3D printer, it will certainly go.
For this you have to look at the connections at your power supply.
If a V+ and a V- connection is still free, you can connect the LEDs there.

It is important to note that these are 12V LEDs.

Here is a picture:


Hi the strips are a press fit on the printer carrage and the led strips are standard led strip that just sticks on. Hope that helps.

Hi toothless7 I am using a small 12v power supply.

From where are you getting the power for the led strip?

Guess is a power supply not the actual printer.