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by muzz64 Aug 25, 2017
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How do i go about setting up the template?

It's easy... just refer to the instructions provided and look at the image showing the dimensions. The fact is you don't need to set up a template as long as the text you print on paper / card is to the dimensions shown on the image covering this point.

I hope this helps.

you misspelled the word things in the 2nd image

Thanks... corrected!

can you add something to connect 2 posts together to make it longer?

You can use multiple 'Spacer' parts to extend the poles... I considered making a joiner however the hole runs right through (which increases strength due to internal and external shells) the centre of each pole so a simple joiner wouldn't work, it would fall through / inside. This is part of the reason I included the spacer part. For example, you could start with the base, add a spacer, add a 100mm pole, add another spacer then start adding signs....

With regards to the arrow head I did consider that but it would have made making paper / card signs fit well into the point. Also, straight / flat ended signs are more common that pointed signs... but some flat ended signs also have a " <" or " > " shape after the word / street name etc. but the sign shape remains rectangular. That is something you can easily add if you want...

I hope this helps.

Or add a point to the end as an arrow...

Amazing design once again, Dear Muzz.

Pleased you like them... it's great when you can come up with things that are both fun and practical.

Thanks for sharing this cool idea. Lots of details on the assembly with well lit photos - very professional. :)